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[DERBY-3695] NullPointerException when invoking statement event listeners if one of the listeners is null - Derby - [issue]
...If PooledConnection.addStatementEventListener() is called with a null argument, the client driver throws a NullPointerException when the listeners are invoked. Embedded does not throw an exc...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3700] Get rid of tools/java/empty.jar - Derby - [issue]
...empty.jar is used to prevent the Java compiler from putting the default Java runtime libraries in the boot classpath. An empty directory would also work, so we could remove the jar file from...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3709] Exception printed by replication test: Could not perform operation because the database is not in replication master mode. - Derby - [issue]
...I saw the following exception printed when I ran suites.All on trunk (revision 663064). None of the tests DERBY SQL error: SQLCODE: -1, SQLSTATE: XRE07, SQLERRM...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-06-29, 22:43
[DERBY-3726] Don't call RAFContainer.padFile() from instances of RAFContainer4 - Derby - [issue]
...In this thread on derby-dev,[EMAIL PROTECTED]%3e,it was mentioned that RAFContainer4 calls padFile() when creating a conta...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3739] Skip and read methods in ArrayInputStream may overflow - Derby - [issue]
...If ArrayInputStream.skip() is called with a large value (like Long.MAX_VALUE) an internal calculation may overflow and cause unexpected results.It's the line which says    if ((pos...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3742] Move test code from CompressedNumber to a unit test - Derby - [issue]
...The class contains a significant amount of test code. This code should be moved into a unit test to reduce the footprint of the product jar...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-06-30, 23:55
[DERBY-3784] ImportExportTest doesn't detect lack of expected errors - Derby - [issue]
...I observed that ImportExportTest contains many test cases which do try/catch/assertSQLException, but none of them call fail() at the end of the try block. Example: public void testEarlyEndOf...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-05-04, 18:21
[DERBY-3619] Implement more load types for org.apache.derbyTesting.perf.clients.Runner - Derby - [issue]
...I'm planning to add some more load types to org.apache.derbyTesting.perf.clients.Runner so that we can run tests whose load is roughly equivalent to the tests run in Olav's nightly performan...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2011-01-13, 17:09
[DERBY-3622] SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_EMPTY_STATEMENT_CACHE needs a better description in the reference manual - Derby - [issue]
...Currently, the reference manual describes the SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_EMPTY_STATEMENT_CACHE system procedure like this[1]:> The SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_EMPTY_STATEMENT_CACHE stored procedure is...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3658] LOBStateTracker should not use SYSIBM.CLOBRELEASELOCATOR when the database is soft-upgraded from 10.2 - Derby - [issue]
...Reported by Daniel Noll on derby-user: reproduce:  1. Create a database with Derby  2. Create a table with a...    Author: Knut Anders Hatlen , 2009-06-30, 15:55