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[DERBY-3696] Delete superfluous test lang/ - Derby - [issue]
...The test "lang/" simply inserts a 65K characters long Java string into a Clob column and then retrieves it and compares it to the input.I planned to convert it, but sinc...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-07-01, 00:04
[DERBY-3707] STATUS file changes June 2008 - Derby - [issue]
...I posted the following mail to derby-dev, see full thread here: - - - - - - -Hello,I was looking at the STATUS file we have i...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3723] Reset current schema to default (user name) when creating a new logical connection in the client driver - Derby - [issue]
...The current schema is used as part of the lookup key for the client side JDBC statement cache. With the current implementation, the schema is explicitly fetched from the server by executing ...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:21
[DERBY-3728] Fix error handling in PrivilegedFileOpsForTests - Derby - [issue]
...The exception handling in this utility class is unclear and can in some cases cause ClassCastException to be thrown.Note that SecurityException is a runtime exception.Potential issues to be ...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3735] Incorrect position calculation in PositionedStoreStream with read(byte[],...) - Derby - [issue]
...A bug in the methods 'read(byte[])' and 'read(byte[],int,int)' in PositionedStoreStream can cause the position variable to be set to an incorrect value.The bug is only triggered if one of th...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3763] Rename BaseJDBCTestCase.usingDerbyNet - Derby - [issue]
...The names of the methods 'usingDerbyNet' and 'usingDerbyNetClient' in BaseJDBCTestCase are confusing.I propose we change the one used to tell if we are using the DB2 client driver (JCC)....    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3766] EmbedBlob.setPosition is highly ineffective for streams - Derby - [issue]
...The EmbedBlob.setPosition implementation has two performance problems when theBlob is represented by a store stream, at least one of them rather significant:  1) The store stream is res...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-07-01, 16:29
[DERBY-3768] Make EmbedBlob.length use skip instead of read - Derby - [issue]
...EmbedBlob.length uses read to process the whole Blob when the length has not been encoded at the head of the stream.Using skip instead of read can lead to better performance.I also plan to m...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22
[DERBY-3769] Make LOBStoredProcedure on the server side smarter about the read buffer size - Derby - [issue]
...Derby has a max length for VARBINARY and VARCHAR, which is 32'672 bytes or characters (see Limits.DB2_VARCHAR_MAXWIDTH).When working with LOBs represented by locators, using a read buffer la...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2010-05-07, 09:09
[DERBY-3770] Create a utility class for skipping data in an InputStream - Derby - [issue]
...The contract of InputStream.skip is somewhat difficult, some would even say broken.See utility class should be cre...    Author: Kristian Waagan , 2009-05-04, 18:22