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[DERBY-3725] add more information to the XSDB1:ERROR XSDB1: Unknown page format at page  error - Derby - [issue]
...A likely cause of this error is some sort of page level corruption which has corrupted the format id field of the page itself.  Some more informationabout the data on the page may help ...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2011-06-09, 14:38
[DERBY-3727] Improve error information reported when encountering "ERROR XSDB3: Container information cannot change once written: was 103, now 80" - Derby - [issue]
...Improve the text associated with ERROR XSDB3: Container information cannot change once written: was 103, now 80.  It would be nice to know whichdatabase and container at least, and poss...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2013-06-17, 09:19
[DERBY-3747] provide way to implement primary key table as single btree rather than separate btree/heap table. - Derby - [issue]
...Derby currently always stores base tables in a heap table, and then all indexing is provided by separate indexes on top of the base table.  This architecture fits well with tables with ...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2012-09-30, 02:42
[DERBY-3748] add support to create indexes on non key fields - Derby - [issue]
...Add support to CREATE INDEX on non key fields.   Often query execution can be improved by creating indexes that include all the columns that are returned by the query (referred to as a ...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2012-09-30, 02:41
[DERBY-3749] in holdable cursor selecting multiple rows with streaming blobs and clobs a commit may cause later row's streams to be broken - Derby - [issue]
...In a query returning multiple rows from a table, where later rows in the select loop after the commit contain streaming clobs or blobs a commit mayattempts to get at those streams after the ...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2011-01-21, 17:52
[DERBY-3655] errror in nightly regression test: LobStreamsTest:encryptedjunit.framework.AssertionFailedError: f:\jartest\JarResults.2008-04-29\ibm16_suites.All\system\singleUse\oneuse1e\tmp\lob6165.tmp - Derby - [issue]
...There was 1 failure:1) LobStreamsTest:encryptedjunit.framework.AssertionFailedError: f:\jartest\JarResults.2008-04-29\ibm16_suites.All\system\singleUse\oneuse1e\tmp\lob6165.tmp at org.apache...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2012-02-06, 09:45
[DERBY-3843] enhance SYSCS_INPLACE_COMPRESS_TABLE to better handle overflow rows and overflow columns - Derby - [issue]
...Currently SYSCS_INPLACE_COMPRESS_TABLE code executes at the access level.  It only interacts with "user" level head pages, movingthose rows around during the defragment phase to try and...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2012-07-23, 15:33
[DERBY-3411] OnlineBackup1 test failed with underlying error: "ERROR XSDG3: Meta-data for Container could not be accessed" - Derby - [issue]
...OnlineBackupTest1 regression test failed with following diff: Diff file derbyall/storeall/storemore/OnlineBack...    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2011-01-21, 17:51
[DERBY-3412] junit regression test failure on j2me  in testForwardOnlyNegative(org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.ScrollCursors2Test)junit.framework.AssertionFailedError - Derby - [issue]
...5 new failures as of 2/11/08 in the ScrollCursors2Test, only seen in j2me test:1) testForwardOnlyNegative(org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.ScrollCursors2Test)junit.framework....    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2011-01-21, 17:51
[DERBY-3499] testStartStopManagementFromApplication junit test failure in nightly test suite. - Derby - [issue]
...The following is failing in the nightly tinderbox tests.  For example of first failure see:    Author: Mike Matrigali , 2011-01-21, 17:51