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[DERBY-3710] cannot access a database using AES encryption with encryptionKeyLength=192 after it's been shutdown - Derby - [issue]
...Accessing a database created using encryptionAlgorithm: AES/CBC/NoPadding, and encryptionKeyLength=192 after it's been shutdown fails like so:-----------------------ERROR XJ040: Failed to st...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2011-01-13, 21:36
[DERBY-3711] convert store/aes.sql to junit test & add unrestricted test cases. - Derby - [issue]
...The store/aes.sql test can, because it's a master-based test, only test what's guaranteed available, i.e. only the encryptionKeyLength=128.If it were a junit test, we could make it ignore th...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2012-12-27, 15:57
[DERBY-3594] socket reset failure causing 17 networkserver tests to fail on ibm iseries - Derby - [issue]
...With the beta build for (637204M) I saw 19 failures that I did not see with, 17 of which show some kind of timeout due to a socket reset.For example:1) SecureServerTest( Op...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2011-01-13, 21:44
[DERBY-3595] TableFunctionTest.SpecialCollation and NoSpecialCollation fail with IBM iseries in checkGetXXXCalls - Derby - [issue]
...Two TableFunctionTest fixtures failed with the beta:12) noSpecialCollation(org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.TableFunctionTest)junit.framework.ComparisonFailure: expe...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2009-06-29, 22:57
[DERBY-3624] testfailure in storetests/st_derby715 with ibm 1.5 on iseries machine; one deadlock message missing - Derby - [issue]
...I saw this fail once; a couple of reruns didn't duplicate the problem.The only difference appears to be that one of the deadlock messages is missing from the output.4 del< Got a Deadlock....    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2014-10-22, 19:23
[DERBY-3625] XSDA3 error in concateTests in lang.LangHarnessJavaTest caused by bug in SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_INPLACE_COMPRESS_TABLE() - Derby - [issue]
...I saw this test fail once with a similar error to DERBY-3180 and DERBY-3381.Unfortunately, possibly because it's an old harness test, the db and derby.log were not saved in the 'fail' direct...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2011-01-13, 21:43
[DERBY-3627] derbynet/ with DerbyNetClient fails intermittently on iseries - Derby - [issue]
...I've seen the test derbynet/DerbyNetAutoStart with DerbyNetClient fail on iseries; but I've seen it pass too. Usually it passes when rerun separately by itself, but not always.Here's the dif...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2011-02-23, 12:52
[DERBY-3654] Modify Sample examples in documentation to use toursdb database - Derby - [issue]
...The manuals have various examples referring to a 'sample' database (i.e. jdbc:derby:sample) and tables such as Employee...It would be nice if these examples could be found and replaced with ...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2009-06-30, 16:06
[DERBY-3659] revive tests with ldap references to be runnable as junit tests - Derby - [issue]
...During initial contribution some tests were created with references to ldap security mechanism.However, because we don't have ourselves setup for a public ldap server, these tests have falle...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2009-06-30, 23:45
[DERBY-3669] ClientXADataSource fetched from JNDI not identical as originally bound; some properties have String "null" instead of null - Derby - [issue]
...Running the test XAJNDITest (from old with network server  fails because the XADataSource as bound to JNDI, and then fetch from JNDI are not identical.This is what the test...    Author: Myrna van Lunteren , 2011-01-13, 21:37