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[DERBY-3692] 'javax.transaction.xa.XAException' ++  in  'J2EEDataSourceTest' - Derby - [issue]
...See    Author: Ole Solberg , 2009-06-29, 22:57
[DERBY-3694] 'Method resolution for signature java.lang.String.valueOf(int) was ambiguous. (No single maximally specific method.)' in 'testFunctionNullHandling(org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.RoutineTest)'  on JavaME - Derby - [issue]
...Our reporting for JavaME has not been operational until now, but from older logs it appears that this failure has been present since ~ r659140 2008-05-22.See    Author: Ole Solberg , 2009-06-29, 22:58
[DERBY-3719] '...replication.buffer.LogBufferFullException' causes failover to fail w/ 'XRE07, SQLERRMC: Could not perform operation because the database is not in replication master mode.' - Derby - [issue]
...With the patch for DERBY-3709, derby-3709_p1-v2.diff.txt,  I was able to provoke this error twice in 30 test runs on this platform (On another platform I saw none in 100 test runs.)I wi...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2009-07-16, 21:24
[DERBY-3738] Add more tests for legal/illegal commands in the different replication states - Derby - [issue]
...Adding new replication state tests:  ...  testReplication_Local_3_p1_StateNegativeTests   testReplication_Local_3_p2_StateTests_bigInsert_immediateStopMaster   testReplic...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2009-06-30, 23:55
[DERBY-3604] Hang in .suites.All on 10.4 trunk ('Found one Java-level deadlock') - Derby - [issue]
...Seen on svn r645706.From :...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2011-02-23, 12:30
[DERBY-3617] failover on slave hangs after stopmaster on master. - Derby - [issue]
...0. Master and slave in repl. mode.1. master: stopmaster2. slave failover.   hangs.....According to "Functional Specification for Derby Replication" Rev. 9.0:"Failover": "... . The ...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2011-02-15, 21:09
[DERBY-3632] Replication tests must ensure stable replication state has been reached before attempting further connection or new replication commands. - Derby - [issue]
...When executing replication commands (startslave, startmaster, stopmaster, stopslave, failover) tests must make sure that correct replication state has been reached before attempting further ...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2015-01-23, 01:34
[DERBY-3633] tools/ fails with 'No command given.' (expecting 'No arguments given.') - Derby - [issue]
...Start: derbyrunjartest jdk1.6.0_04 derbyall:derbytools 2008-04-18 10:51:38 ***29 del< No arguments given.29a29> No command given.Test Failed. End:   derbyrunjartest jdk1.6.0_04 ...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2009-06-29, 22:57
[DERBY-3636] stress.multi intermittent failures - Derby - [issue]
...This JIRA is for intermittent failures still seen in stress.multi. Previously these were incorrectly mapped to DERBY-1750.Logs for occurrences of these failures will be available via http://...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2009-06-29, 22:57
[DERBY-3644] on trunk against and older servers give 'DRDA_InvalidReplyHeader2.S:Invalid reply header from network server: Invalid string . Plaintext connection attempt to an SSL enabled server?' - Derby - [issue]
...Since 2008-02-29 r632502(DERBY-2109) the compatibility tests run on trunk has reported'DRDA_InvalidReplyHeader2.S:Invalid reply header from network server: Invalid string . Plaintext connect...    Author: Ole Solberg , 2013-06-17, 09:19