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[DRILL-7048] Implement JDBC Statement.setMaxRows() with System Option - Drill - [issue]
...With DRILL-6960, the webUI will get an auto-limit on the number of results fetched.Since more of the plumbing is already there, it makes sense to provide the same for the JDBC client.In addi...    Author: Kunal Khatua , 2019-03-25, 14:31
[DRILL-7011] Allow hybrid model in the Row set-based scan framework - Drill - [issue]
...As part of schema provisioning project we want to allow hybrid model for Row set-based scan framework, namely to allow to pass custom schema metadata which can be partial.Currently schema pr...    Author: Arina Ielchiieva , 2019-03-25, 12:44
[DRILL-7049] REST API returns the toString of byte arrays (VARBINARY types) - Drill - [issue]
...Doing a query using the REST API will return VARBINARY columns as a Java byte array hashcode instead of the actual data of the VARBINARY....    Author: jean-claude , 2019-03-25, 10:12
[DRILL-7051] Upgrade jetty - Drill - [issue]
...Is Drill using a version of jetty web server that's really old? The jar's suggest it's using jetty 9.1 that was built sometime in 2014? -rw-r--r-- 1 veeranaranammalpuram staff 15988 Nov 20 2...    Author: Veera Naranammalpuram , 2019-03-25, 09:39
[DRILL-7032] Ignore corrupt rows in a PCAP file - Drill - [issue]
...Would be useful for Drill to have some ability to ignore corrupt rows in a PCAP file instead of trow the java exception.This is because there are many pcap files with corrupted lines and thi...    Author: Giovanni Conte , 2019-03-25, 07:49
[DRILL-6970] Issue with LogRegex format plugin where drillbuf was overflowing - Drill - [issue]
...The log format plugin does re-allocate the drillbuf when it fills up. You can query small log files but larger ones will fail with this error:0: jdbc:drill:zk=local> select * from dfs.roo...    Author: jean-claude , 2019-03-25, 07:32
[DRILL-6960] Auto Limit Wrapping should not apply to non-select query - Drill - [issue]
...Igor Guzenko pointed out that DRILL-6050 can cause submission of queries with incorrect syntax. For example, when user enters SHOW DATABASES' and after limitation wrapping SELECT * FROM (SHO...    Author: Kunal Khatua , 2019-03-25, 04:21
[DRILL-7077] Add Function to Facilitate Time Series Analysis - Drill - [issue]
...When analyzing time based data, you will often have to aggregate by time grains. While some time grains will be easy to calculate, others, such as quarter, can be quite difficult. These func...    Author: Charles Givre , 2019-03-25, 04:20
[DRILL-7135] Upgrade to Jetty 9.4 - Drill - [issue]
...Initially DRILL-7051 updated Jetty to 9.4 version and DRILL-7081 updated Jersey version to 2.28 version. These versions work fine for Drill with Hadoop version below 3.0. Starting from ...    Author: Vitalii Diravka , 2019-03-25, 01:31
[DRILL-6562] Plugin Management improvements - Drill - [issue]
...Follow-up to DRILL-4580.Provide ability to export all storage plugin configurations at once, with a new "Export All" option on the Storage page of the Drill web UI...    Author: Abhishek Girish , 2019-03-25, 00:10