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[DRILL-5775] Select * query on a maprdb binary table fails - Drill - [issue]
...Select * query on a maprdb binary table fails with the below exceptionFailed with exceptionjava.sql.SQLException: SYSTEM ERROR: IllegalArgumentException: HBaseRecordReader does not allow col...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2018-06-01, 00:38
[DRILL-5887] Display process user/ groups in Drill UI - Drill - [issue]
...Drill UI only lists admin user/ groups specified as optionsWe should display the process user/ groups who have admin privilege...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2018-01-24, 08:06
[DRILL-5998] Queue information of queries which fail due to queue time out not shown - Drill - [issue]
...When a query fails because of queue time out, the queue information is not shown in the web UI...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2018-01-22, 21:08
[DRILL-5880] java.sql.SQLException: UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION ERROR: This query cannot be planned possibly due to either a cartesian join or an inequality join - Drill - [issue]
...Consider the below queryselect region.sales_region as c0, region_1.sales_region as c1, sum(sales_fact_1997.unit_sales) as m0 from region as region, store as store, sales_fact_1997 as sales_f...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2018-01-19, 11:11
[DRILL-6066] AssertionError: Internal error: Conversion to relational algebra failed to preserve datatypes: validated type - Drill - [issue]
...Query -framework/resources/Datasources/limit0/aggregates/tpcds_variants/parquet/create_tpcdsVariants_views.shcreate or replace view `dfs.tpcds_sf1_parquet`.store_v as select cast( s_store_sk...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2018-01-15, 23:01
[DRILL-6025] Execution time of a running query shown as 'NOT AVAILABLE' - Drill - [issue]
...When a query is in 'RUNNING' state, the execution time is shown as 'NOT AVAILABLE'We could show the execution duration till the current time...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2018-01-12, 18:29
[DRILL-5822] The query with "SELECT *" with "ORDER BY" clause and `planner.slice_target`=1 doesn't preserve column order - Drill - [issue]
...Columns ordering doesn't preserve for the star query with sorting when this is planned into multiple fragments.Repro steps:1) alter session set `planner.slice_target`=1;2) ORDER BY clause in...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2018-01-12, 15:11
[DRILL-5952] Implement "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS" - Drill - [issue]
...Currently, if a table/view with the same name exists CREATE TABLE fails with VALIDATION ERRORHaving "IF NOT EXISTS" support for CREATE TABLE will ensure that query succeeds Also the same fun...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2017-12-28, 18:48
[DRILL-5923] State of a successfully completed query shown as "COMPLETED" - Drill - [issue]
...Drill UI currently lists a successfully completed query as "COMPLETED". Successfully completed, failed and canceled queries are all grouped as Completed queries. It would be better to list t...    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2017-11-13, 12:17
[DRILL-5921] Counters metrics should be listed in table - Drill - [issue]
...Counter metrics are currently displayed as json string in the Drill UI. They should be listed in a table similar to other metrics....    Author: Prasad Nagaraj Subramanya , 2017-11-13, 12:16