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[EAGLE-943] Return topology builder to enable flink-storm topology build. - Eagle - [issue]
...UnitTopologyMain currently directly return StormTopology. While flink-storm is able to customer storm's TopologyBuilder, if alert-engine return configured topology builder, it would be easy ...    Author: Su Ralph , 2018-02-01, 10:01
[EAGLE-251] Run eagle on flink/samza - Eagle - [issue]
...Eagle is running on storm. One might want to do some interesting port to other stream framework like flink/samza....    Author: Su Ralph , 2018-01-04, 15:22
[EAGLE-572] AlertEngine: Metadata API doesn't do validation of metadata - Eagle - [issue]
...Current metadata api only do minor validation of the given metadata. User is able to submit stream definition with duplicated field name.Ideally, Metadata API should be first place to avoid ...    Author: Su Ralph , 2017-07-20, 17:52
[EAGLE-369] Improve eagle alert email template to provide more useful information and user experience - Eagle - [issue]
...From feedback:(1) Time Stamp needs to be human readable. (2) Consider capitalize wordings.(3) What does lowNum and highNum mean here?  Do they mean number of live data nodes?  How does this ...    Author: Su Ralph , 2017-07-20, 17:52
[EAGLE-571] AlertEngine: Topology should support loopback topic created after policy deployed - Eagle - [issue]
...when processing have    topic1 -> policy1 -> topic2; and  topic2 -> policy2 -> topic2 case, the topology is not able to start. Since the topic2 initialization fail...    Author: Su Ralph , 2017-07-20, 17:52
[EAGLE-768] AlertEngine: Policy Validation API doesn't evaluate the data source missing - Eagle - [issue]
...Below scenario escape the policy validation,Policy Input Stream refers an invalid datasource....    Author: Su Ralph , 2017-07-20, 17:52
[EAGLE-771] AlertEngine: Make publishment kafka endpoint as optional - Eagle - [issue]
...For alert engine runtime, current kafka publishment have explicitly endpoint set, but in real deployment, these kafka endpoint are mostly the same the spout kafka url. So we could make it as...    Author: Su Ralph , 2017-07-20, 17:52
[EAGLE-249] Support Postgres as hive metadata - Eagle - [issue]
...From Capital One case////////It looks very interesting that Postgres has this behavior. Is Postgres your production setting for holding hive metadata?If that is the case, I think we need ext...    Author: Su Ralph , 2017-07-20, 17:52
[EAGLE-911] Have mongo metadata dbname configurable - Eagle - [issue]
...MongoMetadataDao doesnt respect the configuration of db name. This make multiple alert-service no table to reuse a mongo instance which is specifically useful in prod testing case....    Author: Su Ralph , 2017-02-21, 23:50
[EAGLE-765] AlertEngine: Coordinator return timeout instead of real error when metadata invalid - Eagle - [issue]    Author: Su Ralph , 2016-11-15, 00:59