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[FALCON-2314] Bump TestNG version to 6.13.1 to avoid BeanShell dependency - Falcon - [issue]
...In our environment we needed to get rid of LGPL BeanShell TestNG dependency. In this case EvictedInstanceSerDeTest.testDeserializeEvictedInstancePathsForNoEviction is failing. The reason of ...    Author: Denes Bodo , 2018-02-21, 08:52
[FALCON-2318] Unit tests in JMSMessageConsumerTest are failing when running multiple times without clean - Falcon - [issue]
...When I run mvn test or from Idea for the first time, tests in JMSMessageConsumerTest are passing. When I rerun the tests without mvn clean or deleting /messaging/target/activemq, the tests a...    Author: Denes Bodo , 2018-02-21, 08:47
[FALCON-2320] Workaround for "Falcon is not buildable/testable with maven 3.5.1+" - Falcon - [issue]
...Falcon can not be built/tested due to maven deffect: MNG-6298 and we should apply the workaround in prism's pom.xml.Build is tested locally, workaround seems okay....    Author: Denes Bodo , 2018-01-08, 11:53