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[FALCON-2340] Passing groupid to oozie while scheduling the process - Falcon - [issue]
...Currently, falcon does not pass the group information to oozie. This need to be passed so that any member of the group can perform allowed actions on workflow engine jobs...    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2018-08-09, 10:31
[ANNOUNCE] New PMC Member : Sowmya Ramesh - Falcon - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations Sowmya!!!On Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 7:31 PM, Peeyush Bishnoi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]lid> wrote:_____________________________________________________________The information conta...
   Author: Narayan Periwal , 2016-06-07, 16:36
[FALCON-1687] Creating archetype for falcon pipelines - Falcon - [issue]
...This will help user to easily onboard new pipelines in falcon. Also, it will include submitting and scheduling of entities using falcon unit. This will help users to test their pipeline thro...    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2016-02-03, 19:03
[FALCON-1733] Support for building falcon with JDK 1.8 also. - Falcon - [issue]
...Currently, the falcon build fails with JDK 1.8. This is because many of the plugins still points to the older version, which will need to be updated....    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2016-01-20, 06:23
[FALCON-1745] Fix for the Bug Pattern "MS_MUTABLE_COLLECTION" - Falcon - [issue]
...Instead of adding "MS_MUTABLE_COLLECTION" to the findbugs-exclude.xml file, we can fix these in the code itself....    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2016-01-13, 10:35
[FALCON-1722] In instance status, show all runs for instances in native scheduler - Falcon - [issue]
...The same feature is implemented when the scheduler is oozie through FALCON-1495. For feature parity, this feature can be implemented in native scheduler as well....    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2016-01-05, 09:16
[expand - 2 more] - Review Request 38882: FALCON-1495: In instance status list, show all runs for instances when requested by user - Falcon - [mail # dev]
...----------------------------------------------------------- This is an automatically generated e-mail. To reply, visit: ----------------------------------...
   Author: Narayan Periwal , 2015-12-31, 05:23
[FALCON-1663] Refactoring and cleaning up Integration Test - Falcon - [issue]
...Several code refactoring needs to be done as part of this jira. Some of them are :-1) In that jira, we  create AbstractContext and make TestContext and UnitTestContext extends that.2) S...    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2015-12-22, 06:44
[FALCON-1673] Making the cluster, feed and process xml's values configurable during submission. - Falcon - [issue]
...As of now, when we submit the cluster, feed or process xmls, the values in the xmls are not configurable; the users have to declare the values to all the properties and thing in the xml itse...    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2015-12-18, 05:51
[FALCON-1635] Migration of EntityManagerJerseySmokeIT to use falcon unit - Falcon - [issue]
...In this jira, we migrate  EntityManagerPaginationJerseyIT and EntityManagerJerseySmokeIT using falcon unit....    Author: Narayan Periwal , 2015-12-17, 16:38