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Breaking changes in Flume - 2.0 release - Flume - [mail # dev]
...Agreed. Another change we might want to consider is shading thedependencies of individual modules and the framework itself. This will makeit easier to upgrade individual modules.On Mon, Jan ...
   Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2018-01-30, 19:21
[ANNOUNCE] New Flume PMC Chair - Flume - [mail # user]
...Hi all,It gives me immense happiness to announce that the Apache SoftwareFoundation Board has appointed Mike Percy as the new PMC chair of theApache Flume Project. Mike has contributed immen...
   Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2018-01-18, 20:37
Squash commits on trunk - Flume - [mail # dev]
...I don't have any objections to that, but I have to wonder if it makes senseto update the guidelines to actually not have to squash commits. I thinkthe reason we needed to squash those commit...
   Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2018-01-09, 21:55
[FLUME-3208] Test issue for mailing list - Flume - [issue]    Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2018-01-08, 19:12
[FLUME-2197] Memory Channel has GC issues - Flume - [issue]
...Due to the fact that we use a LinkedBlockingDeque as the backing queue for the MemoryChannel, we end up hitting GC issues more often than we should....    Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2017-12-19, 23:27
[FLUME-2640] Hive Sink creates several metastore db files in source directories. - Flume - [issue]
...These files are not getting cleaned up at the end of the build and is painful when committing following a build. Roshan Naik - Can you please take a look? Perhaps move it to a different dir ...    Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2017-12-19, 23:27
[FLUME-2681] 1.6 branch Hive tests failing on Jenkins - Flume - [issue]
... Naik - Can you please take a look?...    Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2017-12-19, 23:27
Message Lists - Flume - [mail # dev]
...+1. I agree, we should move the private messages out.On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 12:14 PM, Mike Percy  wrote:> If necessary due to noise we can take this discussion back to private@> ...
   Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2017-12-11, 20:41
Status Report - November 2017 - Apache Flume - Apache Software Foundation - Flume - [wiki]
...  Page Title  Space  Updated     {0}     {0}     {3}    {5}    Skip to end of metadata Created by Hari Shreedharan on Nov 10,...    Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2017-11-10, 00:00
[VOTE] Release Apache Flume version 1.8.0 RC2 - Flume - [mail # dev]
...Sorry for not voting yet. I can take a look early next week. If there areenough binding votes before that, please push the release!On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 3:56 AM, Mike Percy  wrote:>...
   Author: Hari Shreedharan , 2017-09-22, 20:53