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[GEODE-7290] REST function execution exception should be visible to caller - Geode - [issue]
...Currently, when a function is executed via REST and results in an Exception, the actual cause is not made available to the user and is just exposed as a 500 (server) error. The FunctionAcces...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-10-14, 15:15
[GEODE-7295] Fix instructions for using docker to start Geode locators and servers - Geode - [issue]
...A user had difficulty following the instructions here when launching Geode in a docker container.There is additional info and resolution i...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-10-15, 04:22
[GEODE-3863] EmbeddedPulseRule does not cleanup in some instances - Geode - [issue]
...We're using this rule in a couple of places in an inconsistent way. The rule should really be called 'StandalonePulseRule' because it only works correctly when Pulse is not running in embedd...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-09-10, 21:22
[GEODE-3911] Authentication failures produce exception stacktraces in log files. - Geode - [issue]
...When running pulse along with the `SimpleSecurityManager` I notice quite a few authentication failure stacktraces like:[warning 2017/10/26 07:14:27.773 PDT locator1 <RMI TCP Connection(9)...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-09-10, 21:26
[GEODE-4837] Remove unneeded JNA code - Geode - [issue]
...We have quite a bit of JNA code but it seems that a lot of it is unused now. Let's clean that up so we only keep what's actually being run....    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-09-10, 22:08
[GEODE-6895] Change v2 REST API context to 'management/v2' - Geode - [issue]
...Change our endpoint from geode-management/v2 to management/v2...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-09-11, 22:53
[GEODE-7800] Add Redis PSUBSCRIBE and PUNSUBSCRIBE commands - Geode - [issue]
...Similar to SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE, PSUBSCRIBE allows a client to subscribe to a pattern. For example:PSUBSCRIBE sal*sThe subscription pattern is in the form of a glob supporting *, ? and ...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2020-02-26, 14:44
[GEODE-7778] Add PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE Redis commands - Geode - [issue]    Author: Jens Deppe , 2020-02-26, 14:45
[GEODE-7793] Refactor ExecutionHandlerContext to avoid 'feature-envy' - Geode - [issue]
...What is feature envy? should avoid exposing its internal data structures to Executors - essentially get rid of getPubSub, ...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2020-02-12, 17:24
[GEODE-7758] Add unit test for SetExecutor - Geode - [issue]    Author: Jens Deppe , 2020-02-11, 17:22