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[GEODE-7842] Improve concurrent region creation - Geode - [issue]
...The Redis adapter has some tests that result in regions being attempted to be created concurrently. The region create call uses ifNotExists=true but occasionally I still see RegionCreationEx...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2020-03-09, 16:16
[GEODE-6468] [CI Failure] ClusterCommunicationsDUnitTest fails on createEntryAndVerifyUpdate[UNSHARED_CONNECTIONS_WITH_SSL] - Geode - [issue]
...We see the following CI Failure: The failing test has the following sta...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-08-20, 19:06
[GEODE-750] Expose evictionStartEvents and heapCriticalEvents as attributes on MemberMXBean - Geode - [issue]    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-08-20, 23:07
[GEODE-751] RegionMXBean shouldn't rely on Eviction Algorithm for getEntrySize - Geode - [issue]
...We have the following in the javadoc for method getEntrySize on interface RegionMXBean:Returns the aggregate entry size (in bytes) of all entries. This will provide a correct value only if t...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-08-20, 23:20
[GEODE-1383] LogBanner is missing from rolled log files - Geode - [issue]
...Please add gemfire,heap, xml configuration information to start of every log fileWe often have situations where we have difficulty establishing the configuration or JVM startup arguments, or...    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-08-20, 23:36
[GEODE-3689] Unable to specify custom log4j configuration file from gfsh - Geode - [issue]
...When starting a server with gfsh, it does not honor a log4j configuration location by specifying --J=-Dlog4j.configurationFile=/path/to/log4j2.xml....    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-08-20, 23:45
[GEODE-6749] Prevent gfsh from creating duplicate named disk stores - Geode - [issue]    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-11-01, 19:32
[GEODE-6745] Add status to list members output for REST v2 - Geode - [issue]    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-09-26, 18:03
[GEODE-6743] Remove GFJsonObject and GFJsonArray classes - Geode - [issue]
...Since org.json has now been removed, the usage of these classes can now also be replaced with Jackson code as necessary....    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-09-26, 18:03
[GEODE-6561] Unable to reconnect when regions are configured with cluster config - Geode - [issue]
... Given that I have a region configured with cluster config and a server restarts, the following exception is likely to be thrown and the server will not be able to reconnect:[vm2] java.lang....    Author: Jens Deppe , 2019-09-26, 18:03