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[GEODE-3962] Use Peer to Peer communication to request cluster configuration - Geode - [issue]
...We should not use a TCPClient to request the CC from the locator when a server is starting up....    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-02-01, 22:51
[GEODE-4081] Destroy gateway-sender should update the cluster config - Geode - [issue]
...If a gateway sender is destroyed via gfsh, it did not update the cluster config...    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-02-01, 22:51
[GEODE-4193] Using JMX password file to secure JMX manager results in connection error. - Geode - [issue]
...Steps to reproduce:gfsh>start locator --name=locator --J=-Dgemfire.jmx-manager-password-file=password.propertiesgfsh>connectstack trace in gfsh log:[info 2018/01/04 08:57:36.498 PS...    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-02-01, 22:52
[GEODE-3947] geode-dependency.jar does not have all the dependencies needed for deserializing custom object - Geode - [issue]
...JsonUtil recently added a dependency to common-beanutil, we need to include that in geode-dependency.jar...    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-02-01, 22:52
[GEODE-3539] Add more test coverage for p2p commands - Geode - [issue]
...Add more command tests that would eventually get rid of the legacy tests....    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-03-02, 21:03
[GEODE-4310] improve ResourcePermission to take strings as argument for resource and operation - Geode - [issue]
...It would be nice to be able to create ResourcePermission("*", "*") that would mean that this operation requires all permissions....    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-02-26, 18:48
[GEODE-2268] Store jar bytes in cluster configuration region - Geode - [issue]
...Currently xml and properties are stored in an internal cluster configuration region.  However, for jar files only the name is stored in this region, while the jar bytes are stored in th...    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-02-06, 15:29
[GEODE-4076] Client receives a GemFireSecurityException instead of AuthenticationRequiredException - Geode - [issue]
...In some cases, when a client message comes in, the ServerConnection that handles this client message fails to find the authenticated user for this clientID, the older security framework thro...    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-02-06, 06:50
[GEODE-5377] LuceneQueriesReindexDUnitTest recreateIndexWithDifferentFieldsShouldFail(PARTITION_OVERFLOW_TO_DISK) hangs DUnit pipeline - Geode - [issue]
... Thread dump analyzer shows these two threads are blocked:RMI TCP Connection(9)-    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-07-12, 22:56
[GEODE-5375] DlockAndTxlockRegressionTest hangs the DUnit pipeline - Geode - [issue]
...    Author: Jinmei Liao , 2018-07-09, 16:20