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[GEODE-6144] fix red jobs in meta pipeline - Geode - [issue]
...concourse-pipeline-resource has accepted a PR to fix the issue, now we need. to either wait for an official release with the fix and/or point to latest dev release until then (last release i...    Author: Owen Nichols , 2019-05-06, 16:53
[GEODE-5950] update latest Java 11 in images automatically - Geode - [issue]
...change images to ensure latest Java 11 is downloaded, not a hardcoded version add a weekly trigger to images that use a mechanism other than docker tags to obtain Java...    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-29, 20:54
[GEODE-5956] update deploy_meta to support new concourse, allow override branch - Geode - [issue]
...currently deploy_meta infers the branch name with no way to override.  print this with the other default variables and allow to be overridden if necessary like the other defaults (for exampl...    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-30, 19:20
[GEODE-5965] show OpenJDK11 pipeline jobs now that they're reliably green, and make them gating - Geode - [issue]
...even better: make the OpenJDK8 and OpenJDK11 variants parallel tasks within the same job (otherwise the pipeline starts getting unreadable)....    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-11-02, 17:56
[GEODE-5851] update dockerized gradle plugin to version supporting both Java 8 and 11 - Geode - [issue]    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-12, 19:14
[GEODE-5855] hide OpenJDK11 pipeline jobs until they're "reliably green and gating" - Geode - [issue]
...Follow the rule of thumb that the default should be what we want peopleto look at. We don't want people to get desensitized that red CI => "Thisis bad, I must jump into action". So I'd ar...    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-15, 16:57
[GEODE-5848] conditionally add --add-opens to test.gradle if testing on Java 11 - Geode - [issue]
...While we continue to discuss possible ways to make this unnecessary, for now this is the shortest path to getting the Java 11 jobs in the pipeline green.Need to add the following around line...    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-12, 18:37
[GEODE-5862] configureEvictionByObjectSizer fails in AcceptanceTestOpenJDK11 - Geode - [issue]
...Example of this failure:    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-19, 17:47
[GEODE-5904] fix rsync_down to work with constrained JAVA_HOME - Geode - [issue]
...builds are failing in rsync_down since PR 2643 was merged...    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-19, 20:08
[GEODE-5906] no chmod on windows - Geode - [issue]    Author: Owen Nichols , 2018-10-19, 20:32