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[GIRAPH-1176] Giraph 1.2.0 not listed on the Giraph website - Giraph - [issue]
...The Giraph website lists the most recent release as 1.2, but on the download page does not provide a link to download 1.2.This is a minor thing, but caused a problem for us when I asked devo...    Author: Adam Kennedy , 2018-05-31, 18:25
[GIRAPH-1180] Remove support for Hadoop 1 and older - Giraph - [issue]
...Due to all the munge logic and support for nearly 10 year old APIs, Giraph feels much harder to maintain than it should be.The majority of projects in this large scale Hadoop based compute s...    Author: Adam Kennedy , 2018-05-17, 06:43
[GIRAPH-1179] Apache Hudson CI integration tries to build with a JRE instead of JDK - Giraph - [issue]
...The continuous integration testing is broken for Giraph. The hooks all seem to be in place, but the Jenkins jobs appear to be set up incorrectly and try to use a JRE to build Giraph instead ...    Author: Adam Kennedy , 2018-05-17, 06:32
[GIRAPH-1178] Release process does not set the release date correctly in the changeling - Giraph - [issue]
...The release process for Giraph appears to miss a step setting the release date of the release in the change log.Looking at the release date in the change log for releases, the releases show ...    Author: Adam Kennedy , 2018-03-20, 18:10
[GIRAPH-1177] in git appears to be out of date and lists Java 1.6 - Giraph - [issue]
...The documentation in the git repo appears to have fallen out of date.Being new to the project, I'm not sure what the correct information is, but as evidence of it being stale the G...    Author: Adam Kennedy , 2018-03-20, 18:08