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[GIRAPH-1199] Incorrect Logging Statement on #255 in GiraphYarnClient - Giraph - [issue]
...Summary :In-case, Yarn-Heap-Size passed in Giraph Configuration exceeds max available capacity, we downgrade its value to max capacity (Lines #253-#257).Currently, the logger message associa...    Author: Swapnil-Gandhi , 2018-08-02, 02:58
[GIRAPH-1197] Out-dated maven command in README - Giraph - [issue]
...The current readme for Giraph suggests using hadoop_trunk maven profile with Apache Hadoop 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. However, NO hadoop_trunk profile exists in pom.xml.I have raised Pull Request #77 w...    Author: Swapnil-Gandhi , 2018-07-30, 17:33