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[HADOOP-15121] Encounter NullPointerException when using DecayRpcScheduler - Hadoop - [issue]
...I set ipc.8020.scheduler.impl to org.apache.hadoop.ipc.DecayRpcScheduler, but got excetion in namenode:2017-12-15 15:26:34,662 ERROR impl.MetricsSourceAdapter (    Author: Tao Jie , 2018-07-09, 20:29
[HADOOP-15253] Should update maxQueueSize when refresh call queue - Hadoop - [issue]
...When calling dfsadmin -refreshCallQueue to update CallQueue instance, maxQueueSize should also be updated.In case of changing CallQueue instance to FairCallQueue, the length of each queue in...    Author: Tao Jie , 2018-06-02, 17:40
[HADOOP-15419] Should not obtain delegationTokens from all namenodes when using ViewFS - Hadoop - [issue]
...Today when submit a job to a viewfs cluster, the client will try to obtain delegation token from all namenodes under the viewfs while only one namespace is actually used in this job. It woul...    Author: Tao Jie , 2018-04-28, 01:58
[HADOOP-15194] Some properties for FairCallQueue should be reloadable - Hadoop - [issue]
...When trying to make use of FairCallQueue for a large cluster, it is not easy to set the properties appropriately at the first time. User may adjust those properties frequently and restarting...    Author: Tao Jie , 2018-01-26, 08:33
[HADOOP-12569] ZKFC should stop namenode before itself quit in some circumstances - Hadoop - [issue]
...We have met such a HA scenario:NN1(active) and zkfc1 on node1;NN2(standby) and zkfc2 on node2.1,Stop network on node1, NN2 becomes active. On node1, zkfc1 kills itself since it cannot connec...    Author: Tao Jie , 2016-02-05, 02:09
[HADOOP-12331] FSShell Delete and Rename should operate on symlinks rather than their target - Hadoop - [issue]
...Currently,  we remove or rename a symlink in FSShell, symlink target is affected instead of symlink itself. However FileSystem#delete and FileSystem#rename can operate on symlinks rathe...    Author: Tao Jie , 2015-08-31, 05:01