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[HAMA-987] Netty native transport - Hama - [issue]
...This is a subtask of HAMA-975.Since 4.0.16, Netty provides the native socket transport for Linux using JNI.This transport has advantages as below. higher performance produces less garbage e...    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2017-10-23, 07:02
Missing Hama Board Report - time for the Attic? - Hama - [mail # dev]
...Hi All,I'd like to contribute to hama project as well if we can set our directionand milestone.Best Regards,JongYoon2017-09-29 8:47 GMT+13:00 Chia-Hung Lin :> Happy to see this.>> A...
   Author: JongYoon Lim , 2017-09-28, 21:20
[HAMA-999] Wrong size of MemoryQueue - Hama - [issue]
...I found that SuperstepPiEstimator example sometimes gives wrong result when call peer.getNumCurrentMessages(). And that was because of wrong size() of MemoryQueue. When I printed out sizes o...    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2017-04-11, 05:53
New Apache Hama committer: JongYoon Lim - Hama - [mail # dev]
...Thank you for warn welcome :)Currently, I'm working on orchard robot project in Univ Of Auckland andpreparing for health care system.And I try to use Hama as a core feature for analyzing hea...
   Author: JongYoon Lim , 2016-09-07, 23:29
[HAMA-996] Delete meaningless parameter - Hama - [issue]
...It seems that taskid param from getGroomToSchedule() of TaskInProgress is not essential for this function....    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2016-08-26, 00:03
[HAMA-995] isFirstAttempt() always returns false - Hama - [issue]
...isFirstAttempt() in TaskInProgress isn't used anywhere but it's better to be fixed. By assigning first task id to firstTaskId, it can return correct value....    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2016-08-25, 03:47
[HAMA-986] Hashcode calculation - Hama - [issue]
...There is a missing value when calculating hashcode of AsyncClient....    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2016-03-15, 08:50
[HAMA-975] Improvement of Async RPC - Hama - [issue]
...Hama has a feature of async IPC. I found some points which have possibility to be improved as below.1. Add netty encoder and decoder to lighten a load of the handler.2. Consider using native...    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2016-03-11, 03:45
[HAMA-970] Exception can occur if the size of splits is bigger than numBSPTasks - Hama - [issue]
...In JonInProgress, it's possble to get Exception in initTasks(). this.tasks = new TaskInProgress[numBSPTasks];for (int i = 0; i < splits.length; i++) {  tasks[i] = new TaskInProgress(...    Author: JongYoon Lim , 2015-12-09, 16:56
[VOTE] Move from SVN to Git - Hama - [mail # dev]
...+1  2015년 9월 17일 목요일, Elmurod Talipov님이 작성한 메시지:  > +1 > > On Thu, Sep 17, 2015 at 7:08 PM, Minho Kim  > wrote: > > > +1 > > > > 2015-09-17 19...
   Author: JongYoon Lim , 2015-09-17, 11:49