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[HELIX-748] ZkClient should not throw Exception when internal ZkConnection is reset - Helix - [issue]
...It is noticed that ZkClient throws an exception because of ZkConnection == null when it is reset.This could be caused by an expiring session handling. According to the design, ZkClient opera...    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-07-31, 21:09
[HELIX-747] Replace org.codehaus.jackson with FasterXML/jackson - Helix - [issue]
...The current json lib Helix uses is out of date. We should consider replacing it with a well-maintained lib.FasterXML/jackson is compatible with the current lib we used. So it could be a good...    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-07-25, 18:56
[HELIX-727] Fix resource monitor race condition - Helix - [issue]
...The async monitor processing may cause resource mbean deleting failure. This will leave unnecessary mbean in the mbean server....    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-07-10, 18:37
[HELIX-726] Add new monitor metrics for state transitions. - Helix - [issue]
...ClusterStatus: MissingMinActiveReplicaPartitionGaugeClusterStatus: TotalResourceGaugeClusterStatus/ResourceStatus: PendingStateTransitionsGaugeClusterStatus: StateTransitionsCounter...    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-07-10, 18:37
[HELIX-712] Backward compatibility of the rebalance algorithm - Helix - [issue]
...For keeping CRUSHed stable, we need to split the logic changes made for constraint based rebalance strategy. Otherwise, some improvement will change the original assignment....    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-07-10, 18:22
[HELIX-707] Fix topstate handoff metrics. - Helix - [issue]
...We've confirmed a bug in the logic that calculates topstate handoff duration.With this issue, if the previous master instance is offline, an older handoff start time could be used to calcula...    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-07-09, 19:04
[HELIX-678] Clear cluster even queue when controller is no longer leader - Helix - [issue]
...Currently, the controller will keep processing queued event even it is no longer the leader....    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-04-24, 01:11
[HELIX-677]  Change error log to info/warning when replica count cannot be read in ResourceMonitor. - Helix - [issue]
...Currently error log on this case drags too much attention. Lower the log level to info/warning according to the Exception type....    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-04-24, 01:09
[HELIX-676] Controller keeps updating idealstates when there is no real diff. - Helix - [issue]
...An issue has been confirmed that controller may keep updating ideastates when PERSIST_****_STATE is true.This increase ZK traffic a lot, and cause performance issue....    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-04-24, 01:09
[HELIX-675] Cluster Monitor may not be closed or init correctly when leadership changes - Helix - [issue]
...Due to different possible event process order, controller init event might be processed later or earlier than expected.This cause inconsistency when even handler thread process and record in...    Author: Jiajun Wang , 2018-04-24, 01:08