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[HIVE-21001] Upgrade to calcite-1.18 - Hive - [issue]
...XLEAR LIBRARY CACHE...    Author: Zoltan Haindrich , 2019-02-22, 22:42
[HIVE-19811] the hive server2 web ui is suddenly down,can't open master:100002 - Hive - [issue]
...this is I found in the log about the problem.====================================2018-06-05 20:34:35,622 WARN  org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler: [hiveserver2-web-16298]:...    Author: joeyzhang , 2019-02-22, 22:32
[HIVE-19437] HiveServer2 Drops connection to Metastore when hiverserver2 webui is enabled - Hive - [issue]
... when ssl is enabled for hiveserver2 webui on port 10002, hiveserver2 is unable to start up. Keeps connecting to  metastore and then drops the connection and then retry again. Hiveserver2 pi...    Author: rr , 2019-02-22, 22:32
[HIVE-19740] Hiveserver2 can't connect to metastore when using Hive 3.0 - Hive - [issue]
...I am using docker to deploy Hadoop 2.7, Hive 3.0 and Spark 2.3.After starting all the docker image. Hive server2 can't start while outputting the following error log:2018-05-30T14:13:53,832 ...    Author: heyang wang , 2019-02-22, 22:31
[HIVE-20602] hive3 crashes after 1min - Hive - [issue]
...Running hiveserver2 process (v3.0.0 of hive) on ec2 (not emr), the process starts up and for the first 1min everything is ok (I can make beeline connection, create/repair/select external hiv...    Author: t oo , 2019-02-22, 22:31
[HIVE-21167] Bucketing: Bucketing version 1 is incorrectly partitioning data - Hive - [issue]
...Using murmur hash for bucketing columns was introduced in HIVE-18910, following which 'bucketing_version'='1' stands for the old behaviour (where for example integer columns were partitioned...    Author: Vaibhav Gumashta , 2019-02-22, 22:27
[HIVE-21306] Upgrade HttpComponents to the latest versions similar to what Hadoop has done. - Hive - [issue]
...The use of HTTPClient 4.5.2 breaks the use of SPNEGO over TLS.It mistakenly added HTTPS instead of HTTP to the principal when over SSL and thus breaks the authentication.This was upgraded re...    Author: Ashutosh Bapat , 2019-02-22, 21:57
[HIVE-21240] JSON SerDe Re-Write - Hive - [issue]
...The JSON SerDe has a few issues, I will link them to this JIRA. Use Jackson Tree parser instead of manually parsing Added support for base-64 encoded data (the expected format when using JSO...    Author: BELUGA BEHR , 2019-02-22, 21:41
[HIVE-21292] Break up DDLTask 1 - extract Database related operations - Hive - [issue]
...DDLTask is a huge class, more than 5000 lines long. The related DDLWork is also a huge class, which has a field for each DDL operation it supports. The goal is to refactor these in order to ...    Author: Miklos Gergely , 2019-02-22, 21:16
[HIVE-21181] Hive pre-upgrade tool not working with HDFS HA, tries connecting to nameservice as it was a NameNode - Hive - [issue]
...While preparing a production cluster HDP-2.6.5 -> HDP-3.1 upgrades, we've noticed issues with the hive-pre-upgrade tool, when we tried running it, we got the exception:{{Found Acid table:...    Author: Attila Csaba Marosi , 2019-02-22, 20:12