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[IMPALA-1262] user initiated query cancellation should return operation_state = CANCELED_STATE - Impala - [issue]
...I've been told that if the user cancels the query, our intention is to not set query_state to EXCEPTION.  (Is that the desired behavior?)  Adding a test case to test_cancellation.p...    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-10-03, 15:56
[IMPALA-1226] need better cancellation tests - Impala - [issue]
...See IMPALA-1178 comments for details for how to manually reproduce the bug.I tried writing a pytest test case to reproduce the problem but it appears that we don't get enough parallelism tha...    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-10-02, 01:11
[IMPALA-4924] Make DECIMAL_V2 the default mode - Impala - [issue]
...The next time Impala can make compatibility breaking changes, we should make DECIMAL_V2 the default DECIMAL behavior and, later, remove the V1 code....    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-09-17, 20:17
[IMPALA-5216] Admission control queuing should be asynchronous - Impala - [issue]
...Currently, admission control queuing occurs synchronously w.r.t. the ExecuteStatement client RPC. That is, a query handle is not returned until the query is admitted.Instead, the queuing sho...    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-09-10, 22:13
[IMPALA-7495] Replace ----fault_injection_rpc_delay_ms with DebugAction() - Impala - [issue]
...It'd be good to replace ----fault_injection_rpc_delay_ms with a runtime DebugAction(). That would allow tests like to not need to be a custom cluster test, which would al...    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-08-27, 23:07
[IMPALA-7207] Make Coordinator ExecState an atomic enum - Impala - [issue]
...Let's make exec_state_ an atomic so that we can read that field alone without holding the exec_state_lock_. That will be a precursor to both IMPALA-6788 and IMPALA-7205....    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-07-16, 00:30
[IMPALA-5865] Improve Impala execution scalability - Impala - [issue]
...Milestone 2 of improving execution scalability....    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-07-15, 23:36
[IMPALA-6659] Remove shared ownership of KrpcDataStreamRecvr - Impala - [issue]
...Currently KrpcDataStreamRecvr is co-owned (using a shared_ptr) between the data-stream-mgr and xchg-node. This leads to memory lifetime complications.  We should move this to a single owners...    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-07-15, 23:01
[IMPALA-6818] Rethink data-stream sender/receiver startup sequencing - Impala - [issue]
...IMPALA-1599 introduced parallel fragment startup, which is good for startup latency. However, it meant that data-stream senders can start before receivers, and there is a timeout to handle t...    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-07-15, 23:01
[IMPALA-7205] Respond to ReportExecStatus() RPC with CANCELLED whenever query execution has terminated - Impala - [issue]
...Currently we respond with CANCELLED only when hitting EOS. It seems a bit more robust to always respond with CANCELLED whenever query execution has terminated. That way, if the cancel RPC fr...    Author: Dan Hecht , 2018-07-15, 22:52