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[IMPALA-7102] Add a query option to enable/disable running queries erasure coded files - Impala - [issue]
...If the erasure coding query option is disabled, Impala should return an error when a query requires scanning an erasure coded file....    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-10-22, 22:16
[IMPALA-4581] Consider validating the time component of a timestamp that's read from Parquet - Impala - [issue]
...In IMPALA-4363, we decided not to validate the time component of timestamp because it was not clear how to handle leap seconds. This means that currently timestamps read from a Parquet file ...    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-10-11, 19:05
[IMPALA-4308] Make the minidumps archived in our Jenkins jobs usable - Impala - [issue]
...The minidumps that are archived in our Jenkins jobs are unusable because we do not save the symbols that are required to extract stack traces. As part of the log archiving process, we should...    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-10-01, 20:28
[IMPALA-6230] The output type of a round() function should match the input type - Impala - [issue]
...At the next compatibility breaking version we should revisit the output types of round() functions. In order to match the behavior of most of other database systems, the output type of the r...    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-09-25, 21:40
[IMPALA-7188] Consider changing the output of AVG(<int col>) to decimal - Impala - [issue]
...Currently AVG(<int col>) returns a DOUBLE (under both Decimal V1 and V2). It might be a good idea to change the return type to a DECIMAL instead....    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-09-24, 16:56
[IMPALA-4180] Crash: impala::DiskIoRequestContext::Cancel - Impala - [issue]
...A crash occurs if the following query is run in a loop:for i in {1..1000}; do -q "set num_nodes=1; set DISABLE_CODEGEN=1; set NUM_SCANNER_THREADS=1; set RUNTIME_FILTER_MODE=0...    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-08-30, 18:49
[IMPALA-6183] Converting Decimal to Double loses precision - Impala - [issue]
...The following query returns a correct result:select cast(1.1112223334445559 as double)Result:1.111222333444556However, if we first convert the literal to a decimal, we lose ...    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-08-30, 18:34
[IMPALA-7202] Add WIDTH_BUCKET() function to the decimal fuzz test - Impala - [issue]
...We need to add the new WIDTH_BUCKET() function to the decimal fuzz test for better coverage....    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-08-22, 23:20
[IMPALA-2256] Failed DCHECK(idx <= IDX_MASK >> IDX_SHIFT) in RowIdx::set - Impala - [issue]
...Impala Commit Git Hash: af46f26DB: FunctionalQuery:SELECTCOALESCE(COALESCE(366, NULL, 668), LEAD(225, 20) OVER (ORDER BY t1.int_col DESC, t1.string_col DESC)) AS int_colFROM alltypesagg t1WH...    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-08-16, 00:29
[IMPALA-6711] Flaky test: TestImpalaShellInteractive.test_multiline_queries_in_history - Impala - [issue]
...This happened on a 2.x build:shell/ in test_multiline_queries_in_history    child_proc.expect(prompt_regex)../infra/python/env/lib/python2.6/site-pack...    Author: Taras Bobrovytsky , 2018-08-08, 23:41