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[ISIS-2100] Reduce call-site complexity of 'BuilderScripts' - Isis - [issue]
...Removing type-params, where redundant ...@Accessors(chain = true)public class SimpleObjectBuilder extends BuilderScriptAbstract<SimpleObject> { // <= only 1 type param    ...    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-09-12, 07:54
[ISIS-1970] JAXB view model: setting class-level editing=enabled not honored - Isis - [issue]
...@XmlRootElement(name = "Demo")@XmlType@XmlAccessorType(XmlAccessType.FIELD)@DomainObject(nature=Nature.VIEW_MODEL, editing=Editing.ENABLED)public class TextDemo  {     &n...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-02-21, 11:34
[ISIS-2292] HTTP 400 when rendering Object w/ ObjectId containing slashes - Isis - [issue] ApplicationTenancy...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-02-19, 12:35
[ISIS-2298] Initial project structure for the Vaadin viewer - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-02-27, 04:33
[ISIS-2265] on-the-fly-introspection may occur even though MM was eagerly loaded - Isis - [issue]
...steps to reproduce:e.g. DemoApp (production mode) -> access menu Trees > File System Treejava.lang.IllegalStateExceptionCannot introspect class 'java.util.AbstractSet' because the meta...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-01-19, 11:48
[ISIS-2262] Remove ExceptionRecognizer.recognize(Throwable) in favor of recognize2(Throwable) - Isis - [issue]
...It could also be changed into a simple chain of responsibility, there's no need for the Composite version. If we iterate over all implementations more than once, then introduce a separate ma...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-01-13, 14:08
[ISIS-2249] Deprecate Magnitude<T> and implementing Value Types - Isis - [issue]
...we move these to the 'legacy' module...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-01-13, 14:09
[ISIS-2263] Update RO spec in support of java.time - Isis - [issue]
...New supported types, from java.time: LOCAL_DATE_TIME("localDateTime") LOCAL_DATE("localDate") LOCAL_TIME("localTime") OFFSET_DATE_TIME("offsetDateTime") OFFSET_TIME(...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-01-15, 17:10
[ISIS-2176] [WONT DO] Encapsulate Command/Audit/Publishing within an Extension - Isis - [issue]
...Command (reification), audit and publishing as now included with 'core' need to be refactored into an extension....    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-11-27, 13:40
[ISIS-2227] Toggle View is hiding DOM elements which should be visible - Isis - [issue]
...toggling the view selector from table -> hidden -> table, and the table doesn't re-renderwhat seems to happen (looking at the DOM) is that a CSS class is added to the component to hide...    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-12-13, 11:37