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[ISIS-8] Update the DOCBOOK URLs to reference local files instead of online DTDs - Isis - [issue]
...As per emails (+- Thu, 28 Oct 2010 11:01:46 +0100) on the isis-dev mailing list, update the various docbook URLs to use a "local" docbookx.dtd resources.This requires  adding the 4.5 do...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-02-20, 14:09
[ISIS-10] Properly use prepared statements instead of injecting values into "insert" and "update" SQL statements - Isis - [issue]
...At the moment, all "insert" and "update" commands use a fully formed SQL string with embedded values:"insert into SQLDATACLASS (PK_ID, color,date_time) values (2252, '0','2010-03-05 22:23:00...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-05, 08:22
[ISIS-333] HTML Viewer is unable to save an object if one of the properties still contains a transient - Isis - [issue]
...As discussed in the mail thread [1], there is an issue with the HTML viewer that when you trying to edit an existing, persisted, object and one of the properties is unpersisted (tran...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-18, 10:43
[ISIS-346] Get HTML viewer ready for developers - Isis - [issue]
...A cleanup of properties, etc, to at least let developers be able to run the HTML viewer examples....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-18, 10:43
[ISIS-354] Issues with Wicket viewer and tck examples - Isis - [issue]
...I had issues launching the tdk viewer - it needs a few minor things updated....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2013-05-30, 22:27
[ISIS-355] Adding Wicket viewer to Claims example - Isis - [issue]
...Wicket viewer is missing from the Claim example....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-184] PasswordValueSemanticsProvider.doEncode threw exception when I provided a defaultXXX method - Isis - [issue]
...The encoder threw an exception in password(Object object) called by doEncode, when I provided a "Password defaultPassword()" method.The passed in Object object was a PojoAdapter, not a Passw...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-12-17, 09:31
[ISIS-211] does not work - Isis - [issue]
...Even with the following in file authorizor i...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-212] Domain-lib: email ( depends on Isis 0.2.0-incubating - Isis - [issue]
...Old dependency for domain-lib: email    <name>Email service</name>    <groupId>org.apache.isis.service</groupId>    <artifactId>em...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-217] Various changes (full transaction support, fix table name conversion bug, example properties files) - Isis - [issue]
...Some modifications to fix issues as I came across them:*) the objectstore transactions: beginTransaction / endTransaction did not use database commands (e.g. "BEGIN TRANSACTION" and "COMMIT"...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:21