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[ISIS-106] The IsisPasswordPanel threw an exception when used to edit a password value type. - Isis - [issue]
...The wicket engine complained that the password type was inappropriate for the text type used....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-05, 08:23
[ISIS-110] Minor edits to pom.xml's to improve operation - Isis - [issue]
...Minor changes to Isis pom.xml files to improve behaviour. Overall behaviour is unaffected by these changes, e.g. moving a dependency version definition higher up the build path, etc....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-21, 18:00
[ISIS-114] json viewer applib could not fetch json-lib-2.4 - Isis - [issue]
...None of the repositories contained this resource.Changed project listed repo to    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-05, 08:41
[ISIS-115] Provide support for documents/images/byte stream as a value type - Isis - [issue]
...Need to be able to support byte stream or byte array as a value type. This should grow into supporting documents, images, etc.See discussion on mailing list [link to be provided - I can&...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-118] Persist and restore polymorphic classes - Isis - [issue]
...Currently, the SQL OS does not persist properties of super-classes when a polymorphic class is persisted. Additionally, abstract classes and interfaces are treated the same as concrete class...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-05, 17:28
[ISIS-119] Collections were marked as "resolved", even if a collection has an unresolved collection. - Isis - [issue]
...Until now, when an object is loaded, if it has a collection, then that collection is loaded and marked as "Resolved".However, if that collection had an item with a field that was a collectio...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-05, 17:30
[ISIS-121] General updates to the SQL ObjectStore, not related to any specific issue - Isis - [issue]
...For minor or non-specific updates to the SQL Objectstore....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-21, 18:03
[ISIS-122] BooleanValueSemanticsProviderAbstract can not handle fields of type Boolean, when value string is "TRUE"/"FALSE" from the SQL OS - Isis - [issue]
...BooleanValueSemanticsProviderAbstract currently can only handle string values of "T" / "F". I'm currently running into problems with the SQL-OS, which is returning column values of "True" an...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-12-16, 13:14
[ISIS-123] Metamodel specload specimpl could not handle only some parameters having @Named - Isis - [issue]
...If a (contributed) action has a @Named annotation on only 1 parameter of a multi-parameter method, the ObjectActionParameterAbstract.getName() method fails with a Null Pointer Access Violati...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-12-16, 13:14
[ISIS-125] 0.2.0 release - release process dry run & edits - Isis - [issue]
...Changes required to support 0.2.0-incubating release. Dry run currently in progress....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-26, 17:09