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[ISIS-152] Provide support for Cayenne as an objectstore - Isis - [issue]
...Create an Isis objectstore that uses Cayenne[1] as the storage.[1]    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-153] SQL Objectstore was not ignoring fields that were marked @NotPersisted - Isis - [issue]
...If you mark a property as @NotPersisted, the SQL Objectstore does not notice this annotation....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-21, 18:03
[ISIS-154] JdbcBinaryValueMapper fails if value is null - Isis - [issue]
...If a property has a null value, the JdbcBinaryValueMapper fails....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-05, 17:48
[ISIS-160] Allow users to override "isis_" table prefix - Isis - [issue]
...SQL Objectstore currently automatically inserts "isis_" as a prefix to all table names. Allow users to override this via a setting in the properties file....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2012-01-09, 13:02
[ISIS-268] Catch-up: get SQL-OS running against isis-1.0.0 core - Isis - [issue]
...There have been several major changes to the Objectstore internals. This ticket is to catch the changes required to bring the SQL-OS back in line....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:22
[ISIS-269] The XML object store cannot handle all "char" values - Isis - [issue]
...The XML object store relies on "facet.toEncodedString(associatedObject)" to return an XML compatible representation of the property value.For "char", this encoded string is the raw character...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:22
[ISIS-896] Minor issues with scripts in ~/scripts - Isis - [issue]
...Scripts in ~/scripts do not have executable status.Missing script for verifying release....    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-1191] Broken links - Isis - [issue]
...Fixing some broken links in the asciidoc documentation...    Author: Kevin Meyer , 2015-09-01, 19:49