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[ISIS-2377] Regression: download Layout.xml 'normalized' seems to behave like 'full' - Isis - [issue]
...And we produce invalid XML when outputting ... attribute=NOT_SPECIFIED Ultimately would be nice to have some tests and more docs on this topic as well.  ...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-06-20, 06:04
[ISIS-2366] Bump to latest Spring Releases - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-06-20, 06:48
[ISIS-2376] Regression: switching Translation Mode fails (Prototyping Menu) - Isis - [issue]
...Throws ClassCastException...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-06-21, 12:58
[ISIS-2378] Internal _Strings.readAllLines does not honor selected Charset - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-06-22, 12:30
[ISIS-2379] Fire UserCreatedEvent when a new User Entity gets persisted - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-06-23, 06:18
[ISIS-2385] Jaxb PersistentEntityAdapter fails when asked to marshal detached entities - Isis - [issue]
...Reason: BookmarkService cannot create bookmark for detached related to is, that the object graph that gets serialized must not ...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-07-01, 10:25
[ISIS-2383] Regression: cannot create mementos from detached choice pojos - Isis - [issue]
...For supporting methods that provide choices of entity objects, those might get detached before the framework gets a chance to create mementos for these....    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-07-01, 06:04
[ISIS-2386] Regression: null parameters not handled properly (invalid method signatures) - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-07-03, 08:05
[ISIS-2387] Regression: boolean parameters not handled properly - Isis - [issue]
...Seen with primitive boolean action parameters:It seems the internal model representation is 3-state, while the rendered representation is 2-state.There seem multiple issues: 1) An initially ...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-07-03, 08:05
[ISIS-2388] Regression: value choice mementos are broken - Isis - [issue] this one does not workpublic List<Boolean> choices0Act() { return Stream.of(true, false) .collect(Collectors.toList());}...    Author: Andi Huber , 2020-07-03, 08:05