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[ISIS-2112] Use Spring Boot for 'Service Provisioning' - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-06-17, 10:43
[ISIS-2113] [NOT AN ISSUE] Blob/Clob Properties throw when Inline Editing (Ajax) - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-06-17, 20:56
[ISIS-2039] Redesign of Configuration - Isis - [issue]
...Goals:1) the framework shall provide a singleton instance of IsisConfiguration, which is an interface that provides immutable/readonly access to the config key/value pairs 2) the framew...    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-06-17, 21:07
[ISIS-1767] [Duplicate] JEE 7+ Support - Isis - [issue]
...Collective tasks for Java EE 7+ support.Designated branch Server: JEE 7+ implementation (or similar), launched with JDK8 (Version 1.8.0_152); for deployment...    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-06-24, 19:41
[ISIS-2152] FactoryService (API): remove 'm' shortcut, add 'viewModel' - Isis - [issue]
...Opinionated: remove this shortcut for 'mixin', don't encourage bad code readablity, especially when the verbose variant 'mixin' is already short enough: <T> T m(Class<T> mixinCla...    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-07-11, 11:05
[ISIS-2126] Align package names with their module/project names that they are contained in. - Isis - [issue] the 'config' module shall only contain packages named 'org.apache.isis.config.*'...    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-07-01, 10:42
[ISIS-2131] Port Incode's Excel module to 'v2' and include with Isis - Isis - [issue]
...Will also be added to the DemoApp....    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-07-01, 10:54
[ISIS-2132] Make specsupport/cucumber an extension module - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-07-03, 12:59
[ISIS-2136] DemoApp: enable syntax highlighting for the descriptive texts - Isis - [issue]    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-07-04, 06:23
[ISIS-2127] Simplify how to provide a Hompage for the Wicket-Viewer - Isis - [issue]
...We have Spring now, might as well utilize it....    Author: Andi Huber , 2019-07-04, 06:23