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[ISIS-1613] On action invoke/property edit, don't reload page, just repaint changed components (and allow unchanged components to opt out). - Isis - [issue]    Author: Dan Haywood , 2018-06-15, 10:58
[ISIS-1742] Remove deprecated annotations, methods etc. - Isis - [issue]    Author: Dan Haywood , 2018-08-31, 03:56
[ISIS-1810] Release tasks for 2.0.0-M1 - Isis - [issue]
...Migration Notes and ToDos are gathered as subtasks....    Author: Dan Haywood , 2018-08-31, 03:56
[ISIS-1969] Distribute Isis as a Docker image, with the libraries in Tomcat's lib/ folder (skinny wars) - Isis - [issue]    Author: Dan Haywood , 2018-09-15, 17:45
[ISIS-1987] Delete wicket applib - Isis - [issue]
...There's no code in there worth keeping... it's unused anyway....    Author: Dan Haywood , 2018-09-19, 04:45
[ISIS-1900] [NOT A PROBLEM] Fix the release process to also generate .sha512 files - Isis - [issue] per updated ASF guidelines.the .md5 are no longer required.~~~ every artifact distributed to the public through Apache chan...    Author: Dan Haywood , 2018-03-15, 09:40
[ISIS-4] Should warn or fail early if there is another attribute than "id" annotated with "@Id". - Isis - [issue]
...It seems to be that the "Save/Discard" buttons will not be rendered on an editor of a transient object, when there is another attribute than "id" annotated with "@Id"... what unfortunately I...    Author: Dan Haywood , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-5] Reinstate DerivedFacet (to distinguish from NonPersistableFacet, which is also unmodifiable). - Isis - [issue]
...Previously we had a DerivedFacet, which implied non-persistence but could still be edited.At some point after NOF 4.0.0, Dan got rid of this, combining with NonPersistableFacet.This was a mi...    Author: Dan Haywood , 2012-12-16, 13:14
[ISIS-6] Support actions on collections - Isis - [issue]
...Naked Objects for .NET now supports the ability to invoke an action on a collection of objects of the same type.  This is probably something that Isis should support also.The following ...    Author: Dan Haywood , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-7] Distinguish different types of services (a la NO.Net) ? - Isis - [issue]
...The Naked Objects for .NET has made a change to their API, in that they now distinguish: MenuServices  -  services registered here show up on the UI as menus (but may still be sele...    Author: Dan Haywood , 2015-09-11, 14:21