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[ISIS-2147] Provide a more sophisticated "fallback" layout if none is available. - Isis - [issue]
...This is based on one that we have come to use in Estatio:row-1: domain-objectrow-2    col-4:        tabs: "identity" / "other" / "metadata"        fieldset: "details"    col-8:        collec...    Author: Dan Haywood , 2019-07-30, 09:16
[ISIS-1634] Move paraname8 into core. - Isis - [issue]    Author: Dan Haywood , 2019-07-04, 06:25
[ISIS-2011] [superceded] Merge up AppManifest2 into AppManifest, untangle those builders - Isis - [issue]
...perhaps there's a deeper composite pattern (we already have ModuleOrSomethingAbstract ... I think that AppManifest might be the root of a hierarchy with a common supertype)....    Author: Dan Haywood , 2019-07-08, 12:37
[ISIS-2144] Persistable mixins not showing in the demo apps. - Isis - [issue]
...This is because they are not scanned.I can put in a quick fix, but probably Andi should look at it for the "best" solution....    Author: Dan Haywood , 2019-07-08, 13:16
[ISIS-2149] Moves static files (applib xsd, scheme xsd) into _partials so published automatically. - Isis - [issue]
...(this is really part of ISIS-2062)...    Author: Dan Haywood , 2019-07-08, 13:55
[ISIS-2145] Move the Object_downloadMetaModelXml into the applib. - Isis - [issue]
...It doesn't depend on any framework internals, and all of the other mixins are in the applib also....    Author: Dan Haywood , 2019-07-08, 13:16
[ISIS-2146] New mixins to expose the objectType and objectIdentifier as properties in the "metadata" fieldset. - Isis - [issue]
...This is useful info, but it also guarantees that there will be at least two properties in the "metadata" fieldset.This is useful for ISIS-2147....    Author: Dan Haywood , 2019-07-19, 12:20