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[ISIS-768] [WON'T FIX] Session scoped service - Isis - [issue]
...A session scoped service for holding frequently used data....    Author: Erik de Hair , 2020-03-19, 14:19
[ISIS-2269] Exception when calling collection on integration test ('more than one ImperativeFacet for method getReferencedObjects , with inconsistent intents') - Isis - [issue]
...When 'consuming' a collection of a domain class in integration tests using the wrapper factory an exception is domainapp.modules.simple.dom.impl.Si...    Author: Erik de Hair , 2020-03-19, 18:25
[ISIS-791] Actions returning collection annotated to indicate which properties as columns - Isis - [issue]
...It would be nice to have a way of hiding (result) fields perfinder/repo action to be more flexible in the user interface....    Author: Erik de Hair , 2020-03-19, 18:31
[ISIS-2103] Empty tabs still rendered - Isis - [issue]
...As per the mailing list:Is there any way to hide empty tabs? A tab is hidden if it doesn't contain any fields but if all fields on a tab are hidden there's still the empty tab panel. That lo...    Author: Erik de Hair , 2020-03-19, 18:49