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[ISIS-914] Wicket viewer doesn't show all String properties of a ViewModel instance - Isis - [issue]
...Have this domain service method @Prototype    @Render(Type.EAGERLY)    public Address retreiveAddressModelSample() {        final Address address...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-04-12, 07:18
[ISIS-915] Framework should transparently allow view models to reference other view models. - Isis - [issue]
...The description below shows the current behaviour; the core tries to interpret the "Street" reference as a persisted entity.The workaround is to have explicitly implement ViewModel (rather t...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-01-02, 05:53
[ISIS-947] Todo webapp throws exception when logging in DEBUG mode - Isis - [issue]
...Hi Dan, here steps to reproduce.1. create todo thru archetype2. adapt (file webapp\src\main\webapp\WEB-INF\ - uncomment line 23log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG,...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-04-12, 07:18
[ISIS-986] Visibility of contributors pages ( - Isis - [issue]
...Hi, looking for the page I found that link to this page and other sibling pages is not shown in e.g.    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2015-09-11, 14:21
[ISIS-1304] Table column with icon and title is not left aligned - Isis - [issue]
...See screenshot...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-03-17, 13:26
[ISIS-1319] Input dialog for action label for mandatory parameter not shown when the parameter is an view model - Isis - [issue]
...We have an action method with two mandatory parameters, the first one is a viewmodel with autoCompleteXXX and second one an Enum.Problem: the sign for mandatory parameter on label (*-suffix)...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-04-12, 07:18
[ISIS-1357] Update dependency from guava-19.0.20150826 to guava-19.0 - Isis - [issue]
...My artifactory cannot find this specific guava version, the dependency update to latest guava release would help...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-04-12, 07:18
[ISIS-1358] Simpleapp created from archetype and packaged to war fails when deploying to Tomcat - Isis - [issue]
...Steps to reproduce: Created simpleapp from archetype (Version 1.12.0) Execute mvn clean package Take the file \webapp\target\simpleapp.war and deploy to tomcat thru e.g. manager UI (http://l...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-07-11, 19:36
[ISIS-1181] Isis Documentaion - broken link - Isis - [issue]
...There is a broken link under name  "simpleapp archetype:"  in the main page startedStart developing your own Apache Isis application using our...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2016-04-12, 07:18
[ISIS-1705] Addon module isis-module-settings is not working after upgrade to Isis 1.15.0 - Isis - [issue]
...Here the mail thread describing the issue:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg05286.html How to reproduce Integrate addon with simpleapp Try to create an Application Settings ...    Author: Vladimir Nisevic , 2017-09-25, 04:55