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[KAFKA-7292] Converters should report their configuration options - Kafka - [issue]
...Converters do not support returning their configuration like Connectors and Transformations do. Given this can be configured by an end user it should also be reported via the API. public int...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-08-14, 15:31
[KAFKA-7273] Converters should have access to headers. - Kafka - [issue]
...I found myself wanting to build a converter that stored additional type information within headers. The converter interface does not allow a developer to access to the headers in a Converter...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-08-14, 15:00
[KAFKA-6811] Tasks should have access to connector and task metadata - Kafka - [issue]
...As a connector developer it would be nice to have access to more metadata about within a (Source|Sink)Task. For example I could use this to log task specific data within the log. There are s...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-05-25, 18:27
[KAFKA-5807] Check Connector.config() and Transformation.config() returns a valid ConfigDef - Kafka - [issue]
...NPE is thrown when a developer returns a null when overloading Connector.validate(). [2017-08-23 13:36:30,086] ERROR Stopping after connector error (org.apache.kafka.connect.cli.ConnectStand...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-05-22, 20:57
[KAFKA-3943] ConfigDef should support a builder pattern. - Kafka - [issue]
...I catch myself always having to lookup the overloads for define. What about adding a builder pattern?ConfigDef def = new ConfigDef()    .define().name("a").type(Type.INT).defaultVa...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-05-16, 17:15
[KAFKA-3347] Configure java to prefer ipv4 - Kafka - [issue]
...I've noticed that ports are sometimes binding on IPv6 addresses rather than the IPv4 address I'm expecting. Can we change this so we bing on the IPv4 address rather than the IPv6 address? I'...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-05-16, 16:44
[KAFKA-5572] ConfigDef.Type.List should support escaping comma character - Kafka - [issue]
...You should be able to include a comma in a list. Currently the split regex is only looks for comma. This should be escapable with as something like \,....    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-05-16, 16:43
[KAFKA-6651] SchemaBuilder should not allow Arrays or Maps to be created by type() - Kafka - [issue]
...The following code should throw an exception because we cannot set valueSchema() or keySchema() once the builder is returned. SchemaBuilder.type(Schema.Type.ARRAY);SchemaBuilder.type(Schema....    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-03-15, 23:43
[KAFKA-5575] SchemaBuilder should have a method to clone an existing Schema. - Kafka - [issue]
...Now that Transformations have landed in Kafka Connect we should have an easy way to do quick modifications to schemas. For example changing the name of a schema shouldn't be much more than. ...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-02-23, 04:44
[KAFKA-5550] Struct.put() should include the field name if validation fails - Kafka - [issue]
...When calling struct.put() with an invalid value, the error message should include the field name.@Testpublic void testPutIncludesFieldName() {    final String fieldName = "fieldNam...    Author: Jeremy Custenborder , 2018-02-12, 17:25