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[KNOX-955] Provide Knox client DSL for Kafka REST API - Knox - [issue]    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-10-20, 18:55
[KNOX-1152] Guard Against Missing Subject in Identity Assertion - Knox - [issue]
...Within the CommonIdentityAssertionFilter class, it is possible the evaluation of the Subject can return null.  A check should be added for this, error logged and IllegalStateException e...    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-10-20, 02:37
[KNOX-1056] Document Support for Apache Spark - Knox - [issue]    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-07-04, 12:55
[KNOX-1156] Disabled / Multiple Providers Yield Broken Deployment - Knox - [issue]
...Within the topology XML file, the providers include an enabled element.  If you include multiple providers with the same role the generated gateway.xml file might not include the enable...    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-07-03, 14:39
[KNOX-1149] HBase High Availability Fails with Kerberos Secured Cluster - Knox - [issue]
...When HBase is run on a Kerberos secured cluster, the registration of the Region Servers is stored in ZooKeeper under a different path.  The HBaseZookeeperURLManager class used to suppor...    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-05-24, 17:38
[KNOX-1154] Dump Kerberos Configuration on Gateway Startup to Logs - Knox - [issue]
...Dump the following settings upon Gateway    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-05-16, 17:30
[KNOX-1150] Documentation - Hadoop Group Lookup Provider - Add Link to Hadoop Group Mappings - Knox - [issue]
...The Knox User Guide, Hadoop Group Lookup Provider section should include a mention/link to the Hadoop Group Mappings section of their documentation:    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-02-06, 20:46
[KNOX-1066] Update Operations via SOLR to Knox Fail - Knox - [issue]
...When using the Java SOLRJ HttpSolrClient, any operation that relies upon a POST HTTP operation fails authentication when proxied via Knox.  This is because the SOLRJ API only supports t...    Author: Rick Kellogg , 2018-02-02, 17:39
[expand - 1 more] - Multiple Authentication Providers - Knox - [mail # dev]
...I think I found the root cause of the issue.  Within the DeploymentFactory.collectTopologyProviders we need to check for enabled before inclusion in downstream processing.  Will te...
   Author: Rick Kellogg , 2017-12-28, 17:10
[DISCUSS] Move Knox Site to Git - Knox - [mail # dev]
...Greetings, Just a thought.  Prior to the release of Knox 1.x do we want to considermoving the Knox site contents from SVN to Git?   I think it would make contributions mu...
   Author: Rick Kellogg , 2017-12-28, 17:02