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[KUDU-1974] Improve web UI experience with many tablets - Kudu - [issue]
...On nodes with many tablets, the web UI is...not great. There are several pages that display something for each tablet, and those pages become unwieldy with thousands of tablets. We should lo...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-10-04, 17:15
[KUDU-2186] Gradle shading of kudu-client test JAR is broken - Kudu - [issue]
...I don't understand the details, but I know that if MiniKuduCluster calls a kudu-client ProtobufHelper method, the kudu-client-tools tests fail to run in Gradle. This isn't an issue with Mave...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-10-03, 02:55
[KUDU-1521] Flakiness in TestAsyncKuduSession - Kudu - [issue]
...I've been trying to parse the various failures in Here's what I see in the test:The way test() tests AUTO_FLUSH_BACKGROUND is i...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-09-25, 20:19
[KUDU-2576] TlsSocketTest.TestRecvFailure is flaky - Kudu - [issue]
...This test seems destined to be flaky in TSAN environments.The initial sleep is there so that the stop signal to EchoServer is sent while it's blocked inside the echo loop. That appears to be...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-09-13, 00:00
[KUDU-2550] HybridClockTest.TestRideOverNtpInterruption is flaky - Kudu - [issue]
...Seen this fail in precommit (TSAN) from time to time, though it's not in the flaky test dashboard:/home/jenkins-slave/workspace/kudu-master/3/src/kudu/clock/ diffe...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-08-24, 16:29
[KUDU-2537] Move hole punch test from FS creation to opening - Kudu - [issue]
...Currently the hole punch test happens when the Kudu filesystem is created. However, we've seen some cases where users have copied existing LBM instances to new filesystems that didn't suppor...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-08-10, 00:02
[KUDU-2536] Make log_block_manager_test_hole_punching work again - Kudu - [issue]
...Commit 3a3f714e4 removed the last reference to this gflag but left it around. We should get it working again; there are times when it can be useful to skip the hole punch test and allow an L...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-08-10, 00:00
[KUDU-2535] Convert preallocation warnings into errors - Kudu - [issue]
...Currently the PreAllocate() implementations in will warn on failure while returning Status::OK. In the abstract it's true that preallocation can be viewed as an optimization, an...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-08-09, 23:46
[KUDU-2528] thirdparty downloads aren't always retried - Kudu - [issue]
...From time to time we see builds that fail in Here's an example:Fetching zlib-1.2.8.tar.gz from  % Total &n...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-08-08, 21:28
[KUDU-2460] doesn't handle errors outside of test cases - Kudu - [issue]
...The script generates JUnit-style XML report files for tests that either failed to generate one themselves, or whose generated XML file is missing critical information. ...    Author: Adar Dembo , 2018-08-06, 22:26