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[KYLIN-3635] Percentile calculation on Spark engine is wrong - Kylin - [issue]
...As titled; Received reporting that percentile result is wrong when using Spark engine. Checked the code and found the object was reused and not reset, the problem won't happen on normal MR a...    Author: Shaofeng SHI , 2018-10-18, 14:23
how to define a snowflake model - Kylin - [mail # user]
...This question should also be added to the FAQ. Thanks for the input, Yangand Billy.Billy Liu  于2018年10月18日周四 下午6:35写道:> In snowflake model, there is only one fact table also. But you...
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-18, 14:15
Reload Table doesn't work - Kylin - [mail # user]
...We have no idea if there is no detailed log...Francis Liang  于2018年10月18日周四 下午4:03写道:> Hi Yichen:>>>> Thanks for your reply. Reload Metadata does not work, however, repea...
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-18, 14:14
[expand - 1 more] - 切换spark执行引擎和数据源是mysql,split-by 多拼接一个表名报错 - Kylin - [mail # user]
...Hi anhua,Could you please provide a completed log? Kylin will print out the CMD thatit runs, from it you can see the rull path of; If there is"SPARK_HOME" environment variabl...
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-18, 14:13
Export/Import cube metadata - Kylin - [mail # user]
...This should be added to the FAQ; many people don't know how toexport/import by cube/project across different kylin environments.Actually, this tool has existed for a long time. @[EMAIL PROTE...
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-18, 14:11
[KYLIN-3232] Need document for ops tools - Kylin - [issue]
...Kylin has many good ops tool, like CubeMigrationCLI, CubeMetaIngester, etc; They can greatly improve administrators productivity. But now there is no document about them (you need check the ...    Author: Shaofeng SHI , 2018-10-18, 11:37
spark-2.1.2 cannot be found in - Kylin - [mail # user]
...Hansel,Thanks for the notification, I will update the tutorial.Na Zhai  于2018年10月18日周四 下午5:06写道:> Hi, 我的神啊>> I think you can download from:>
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-18, 10:53
[expand - 2 more] - any body see topn in kylin 2.5.1 working? - Kylin - [mail # user]
...Hi Kang-sen,JIRA is the task and bug management system; It's entry is: need to register an account, and then create a new issue; Please...
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-18, 00:27
UNION ALL is not working with count() - Kylin - [mail # dev]
...Hi Yi,This is a bug. Could you please report a JIRA to Kylin? Thank you!yiwang  于2018年10月15日周一 下午2:28写道:> Hi Kylin Team,>> When I ran sql "SELECT count(TRANS_ID) as TRANS_ID FR...
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-17, 15:05
hbase rpc timeout - Kylin - [mail # user]
...The default value is the recommended value I think. We don't suggest to seta large value to timeout, as that may stop you from finding a problemearlier._  于2018年10月16日周二 上午11:15写道:> ...
   Author: ShaoFeng Shi , 2018-10-17, 15:03