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[LENS-1526] Lens api to display number of sessions created per user - Lens - [issue]
...Exposing lens api to display number of sessions created per user....    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2018-08-09, 08:42
[LENS-1518] Missing self for ignore cert variable in file - Lens - [issue]
...Self is missing for variable corresponding to ignore cert. This is causing python query builder to fail while creating request object....    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2018-06-04, 12:20
[LENS-1516] SSL changes to ignore cert for python module - Lens - [issue]
...SSL changes for python client for lens when we want to ignore cert....    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2018-05-25, 15:20
[LENS-1515] For SSL enabled lens client must always use trust manager for root X509 cert - Lens - [issue]
...In case of if cert verification is disabled then we are returning root cert. Also server cert validation will be taken care by default trust manager....    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2018-05-25, 14:45
[LENS-1511] enable SSL/TLS for lens server and client communication - Lens - [issue]
...As a part of GDPR compliance for apache lens we will be providing functionality to enable https over lens server-client communication....    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2018-05-24, 19:18
[LENS-1510] hive's server princiapl in lens's hive driver - Lens - [issue]
...since the property name for lens and hive's principal name are conflicting we need explicitly need to mention hive's principal while creating hive driver for lens....    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2018-04-20, 10:25
[LENS-1506] Kerberos authentication in lens - Lens - [issue]
...Current Lens implementation is broken when we try to enable kerberos authentication in lens as mentioned at in followi...    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2018-04-05, 13:00
[LENS-1461] Lens services state are not persisted correctly - Lens - [issue]
...Lens services state are not persisted correctly causing lens  to fail at startup....    Author: Ankit Kailaswar , 2017-11-03, 08:37