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[LUCENE-8560] TestByteBuffersDirectory.testSeekPastEOF() failures with ByteArrayIndexInput - Lucene - [issue]
...Two reproducing seeds below.  In both cases: the IndexInput implementation is ByteArrayIndexInput seeking to exactly EOF does not throw an exception ByteArrayIndexInput.readByte() throw...    Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-11-12, 11:55
[expand - 1 more] - Lucene/Solr 7.6 - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Hi Cassandra,> On Nov 9, 2018, at 3:47 PM, Cassandra Targett  wrote:> > I don't know if it's on the Release ToDo list, but we need a Jenkins job for the Ref Guide to be built f...
   Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-11-10, 15:50
unsubscribe request - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Hi Jia,You have to send an email to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] There is a troubleshooting guide here, in case that doesn't work:
   Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-11-08, 19:02
Welcome Tim Allison as a Lucene/Solr committer - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Welcome Tim!SteveOn Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 12:20 PM Erick Erickson wrote:> Hi all,>> Please join me in welcoming Tim Allison as the latest Lucene/Solr> committer!>> Congratula...
   Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-11-02, 21:30
Welcome Gus Heck as Lucene/Solr committer - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Welcome Gus!> On Nov 1, 2018, at 8:22 AM, David Smiley  wrote:> > Hi all,> > Please join me in welcoming Gus Heck as the latest Lucene/Solr commi...
   Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-11-01, 13:03
[LUCENE-8531] QueryBuilder hard-codes inOrder=true for generated sloppy span near queries - Lucene - [issue]
...QueryBuilder.analyzeGraphPhrase() generates SpanNearQuery-s with passed-in phraseSlop, but hard-codes inOrder ctor param as true.Before multi-term synonym support and graph token streams int...    Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-10-24, 15:06
Test Harness behaviour on a package run - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...This worked for me: ant clean test "*|*Test"> On Oct 24, 2018, at 3:20 AM, Dawid ...
   Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-10-24, 14:20
[LUCENE-8528] Reproducing TestFSTs.testBasicFSA() failure - Lucene - [issue]
...From out Revision 8d205ecd1c6a133f7cb9a4352388ec30d00b4bdb (refs/remotes/origin/master)[...]   [jun...    Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-10-15, 11:55
[JENKINS-MAVEN] Lucene-Solr-Maven-7.x #329: POMs out of sync - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...The Maven snapshot upload jobs (this one and the one for the master branch) last succeeded on October 5th, and have failed every day since.I reported the problem on Infra Hipchat, and Chris ...
   Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-10-12, 18:50
not able to use deleteDocByQuery: please provide detailed example - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Hi Sudheer,As Erick mentioned on SOLR-12841, you should post your question to the solr-user mailing list, rather than to this list (the Lucene/Solr development list)
   Author: Steve Rowe , 2018-10-08, 16:44