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[LUCENE-5499] EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector shouldnt require exact Sort match - Lucene - [issue]
...Today EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector requires that the Sort match exactly at query and at index time.However, now that you can use any Sort (e.g. with multiple sortfields), this should be ...    Author: Robert Muir , 2018-09-19, 13:44
IndexOptions & LongPoints - Lucene - [mail # user]
...On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 7:00 AM, Seth Utecht  wrote:>> My concern is that it seems like LongPoint's FieldType has an IndexOptions> that is always NONE. It strikes me as odd, be...
   Author: Robert Muir , 2018-09-18, 12:53
[LUCENE-6098] Indexwriter changecount assertion fail with g1gc - Lucene - [issue]
...This failed on 1.8.0u25 G1GC and I was able to reproduce at least once, but not without G1.svn co -r 1643097 trunk/lucene/coreant beast...    Author: Robert Muir , 2018-09-15, 14:42
[LUCENE-8494] CFS leaks a file on exception opening it - Lucene - [issue]
...If CFS hits an exception opening its file, it will leak the file handle. Found by Jenkins: java.lang.RuntimeException: MockD...    Author: Robert Muir , 2018-09-10, 11:20
[JENKINS] Lucene-Solr-7.x-Solaris (64bit/jdk1.8.0) - Build # 808 - Unstable! - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...I think CFS leaks a file here on exception? it doesn't open the fileinside the try-catch. I'll open an issueOn Sun, Sep 9, 2018 at 11:14 AM, Policeman Jenkins Server wrote:> Build: h...
   Author: Robert Muir , 2018-09-09, 15:42
[LUCENE-5685] Add file:// support to - Lucene - [issue]
...During the release process i always zip up and download the entire voted on RC folder locally, so I can commit the release artifacts. This is just the simplest way to avoid mistakes.Maven pu...    Author: Robert Muir , 2018-09-08, 00:01
[LUCENE-6247] artifacts are half a gigabyte - Lucene - [issue]
...This is a growing problem and now, its spun out of control.The latest release artifacts are half a gigabyte. sorry, I am against adding more retries to the smoke tester and continuing down t...    Author: Robert Muir , 2018-09-04, 12:04
precommit failure - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...ecj compiler is loaded from the common-build here: like the compiler is a little out of date: it uses 4.4....
   Author: Robert Muir , 2018-08-14, 19:04
[expand - 1 more] - Lucene/Solr 8.0 - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...My only other suggestion is we may want to get Nick's shape stuff intothe sandbox module at least for 8.0 so that it can be tested out. Ithink it looks like that wouldn't delay any October t...
   Author: Robert Muir , 2018-08-01, 15:00
Search in lines, so need to index lines? - Lucene - [mail # user]
... Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 7:01 AM, Gordin, Ira  wrote:> Hi Tomoko,>> I need to search in many files and we use Lucene for this purp...
   Author: Robert Muir , 2018-08-01, 11:16