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[MADLIB-896] PivotalR test failures indicate potential bugs in MADlib GLM - MADlib - [issue]
...These problems may be just numerical issues with too large the condition numbers or too small of a training set. To be investigated.> PivotalR:::test(filter="glm")Running tests ----------...    Author: Xixuan , 2017-06-21, 00:03
[MADLIB-852] C++ AL does not support std::vector in HAWQ - MADlib - [issue]
...Reproducible by calling .push_back() in a UDF with C++ DBAL.Insert these lines of code into any C++ UDF and call it in HAWQ. We should see the database crashes before "3" is printed while "2...    Author: Xixuan , 2015-11-15, 20:55
[MADLIB-854] "type svec has unstable input conversion" with RANDOMIZE_ALLOCATED_MEMORY enabled - MADlib - [issue]
...Reproducing:run SELECT '{1,1,1}:{1,2,3}'::madlib.svec; in a database with RANDOMIZE_ALLOCATED_MEMORY enabledFor Pivotal internally, see Pulse build:    Author: Xixuan , 2015-08-28, 20:38
[MADLIB-588] getAs() function cannot get INTEGER as int16_t or uint16_t with proper checking - MADlib - [issue]
...getAs() function cannot get INTEGER as int16_t or uint16_t with proper checking. NULL and domain should be checked before cast is done....    Author: Xixuan , 2015-08-28, 20:37
[MADLIB-616] Clean up the dependencies of MADlibSchema - MADlib - [issue]
...For the new python driver functions, we have changed the name to be schema_madlib. But some modules still depend on MADlibSchema. As a temp solution, we are keeping both defined....    Author: Xixuan , 2015-08-28, 20:37
[MADLIB-797] Grace handling for bad conditioned datasets in Logistic Regression - MADlib - [issue] madlib.logregr_train(              'madlibtestdata.ris_part_null_grp2',              '__madlib_temp_76339515_1390...    Author: Xixuan , 2015-08-28, 20:37
[MADLIB-851] DBConnector cannot handle return type RECORD without tuple descriptor provided at call time - MADlib - [issue]
...Reproducing: write an UDF (e.g. foo) returns RECORD using C++ AL call: SELECT foo();Debugging:In file SystemInformation_impl.hpp, the case that get_call_result_type() returns NULL is not han...    Author: Xixuan , 2015-08-28, 20:37
[MADLIB-891] Concurrency issue with kmeans install-check - MADlib - [issue]
...Errors found when kmeans install-check cleans up itself:1. in HAWQ, deadlock is reported    Author: Xixuan , 2015-06-18, 18:51
[MADLIB-890] RF predict with 'prob' do not sum to 1 - MADlib - [issue]
...The probabilities sum to (1 / #trees) when predicting RF with option 'prob'.Debugging:this is introduced as a regression bug in v1.7.1 because of changes in discrete_distribution_agg. A norm...    Author: Xixuan , 2015-05-29, 02:24
[MADLIB-876] CV fails when NULL is passed to the training function - MADlib - [issue]
...Introduced in v1.7.Work-around available if NULL can be replaced by other values. Debugging: due to a python check "%explore%" in p in function _replace_explore()...    Author: Xixuan , 2015-01-15, 01:25