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[MAHOUT-2024] Update doap_Mahout.rdf - Mahout - [issue]
...Update the doap_Mahout.rdf file to the current most recent release....    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-03-29, 17:43
[MAHOUT-1937] Model should be able to import/export to PMML - Mahout - [issue]
...The Predictive Model Markup Language is a generic format for specifying models in XML form.    Author: Trevor Grant , 2019-03-29, 17:43
[MAHOUT-1861] New Mahout Clustering, Classification, Sketching and Optimization  Algorithms - Mahout - [issue]    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-03-29, 17:43
[MAHOUT-1852] Histogram / binning for DRMs - Mahout - [issue]
...Implement histogram and binning capabilities for DRMs. Should be easy to do with mapBlock() and allreduceBlock().  Allow for the user to specify the number of bins, a range, or an array...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-03-29, 17:43
[MAHOUT-2021] Add Eigenfaces Example - Mahout - [issue]
...Small mods on this ought to about do it.    Author: Trevor Grant , 2019-03-29, 17:43
[MAHOUT-2063] MindMajix is the globally professional in IT courses training which emphasize on hands-on experience with examples from real-time scenarios by experts. - Mahout - [issue]
... Starting Mahout’s Spark shell Goto the directory where you unpacked Spark and type sbin/ to locally start Spark Open a browser, point it to http://localhost:8080/ to check wheth...    Author: priyankamakke , 2019-03-25, 12:15
[MAHOUT-2062] Read - Mahout - [issue]    Author: Pitchumani , 2019-03-21, 09:13
[MAHOUT-2061] Automate post release tasks - Mahout - [issue]
...Should [1] Update website, moving "docs/latest" to "docs/<old_version>/api/docs"[2] Should update navbar to reflect that change[3] Should create release no...    Author: Trevor Grant , 2019-03-07, 22:26
[MAHOUT-2060] Fix Java Docs - Mahout - [issue]
...When building Javadocs with Java8 errors are thrown and builds crash. The band aid was (in Jenkins) to add -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true to nightly and quality builds.  Better to fix the javadoc...    Author: Trevor Grant , 2019-03-07, 19:03
[MAHOUT-2059] Update web site with 0.14.0 release, fix download button - Mahout - [issue]
...Download button on home page is linked to a broken mirror currently also ( it to use d...    Author: Andrew Musselman , 2019-03-06, 04:38