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[MAHOUT-2080] fix - Mahout - [issue]    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-12-12, 04:36
[MAHOUT-2076] add a /release directory with a skeleton settings.xml for releases and instructions/scripts to release/deploy and any mixture therof - Mahout - [issue]
...add a /release directory with settings.xml and all necessary variable changes to make a release candidate and to deploy. 2.11mvn release:prepare -Papache-releasemvn re...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-12-07, 09:10
[MAHOUT-2073] Fix jenkins back up to release nightly snapshots. - Mahout - [issue]    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-12-06, 22:43
[MAHOUT-2074] Dockerfile(s) - Mahout - [issue]
...Have a [WIP] Dockerfile for which (assuming a binary release,) pulls the appropriate version of Spark and places both Spark and Mahout in /opt/spark and /opt/mahout respectively.Woul...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-12-06, 21:24
[MAHOUT-2082] bump master to 2.12 - Mahout - [issue]    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-12-06, 19:05
[MAHOUT-2081] Sloppy Java docs must be fixed - Mahout - [issue]
...Starting in Java 8 java doc quality is much more strictly enforced.  Over the years we've been pretty loose with our doc quality. At the moment this is commented out, but what we need is som...    Author: Trevor Grant , 2019-12-06, 18:57
[MAHOUT-2079] investigat Cuda as a backend for in core matricies. - Mahout - [issue]
...with nvidia card  memories now exceeding what used to be max for some machines.. 16 G easily it would be good to be able to dumb into Cuda memory directly from a statment or assignment.  loo...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-12-05, 11:17
[MAHOUT-2078] investigat Apache arrow as a backend for in core matricies. - Mahout - [issue]
...Start lokinging into Apache Arrow as an alterneate memory back end for mahout in-core and matrices. ...    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-12-05, 11:14
[MAHOUT-2077] Clean up aftor behemoth PR - Mahout - [issue]
...left some files around afrter pr#382 -  MAHOUT-2071.  there are sume dupliucate files and extra files around....    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-11-22, 09:52
[MAHOUT-2071] fix bin.xml and assembly to allow for a binary apache-mahout-14.1.tar.gz release - Mahout - [issue]
...the problem is theoretically solved ... we were overwriting the apache parent pom.xml's apache-release profile in our own, .....    Author: Andrew Palumbo , 2019-11-12, 08:23