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[MAHOUT-1646] Refactor out all possible mrlegacy dependencies from Scala code - Mahout - [issue]
...Scala/Spark code depends on the mrlegacy module even though very few things are really used. move those needed pieces to math so as to remove this dependency....    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2015-04-13, 10:19
[MAHOUT-1647] The release build is incomplete - Mahout - [issue]
...The scala, spark, and h2o modules are not build and teh scaladocs are not built. None of these are released and artifacts or published....    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2015-04-13, 09:57
[MAHOUT-1648] Update Mahout's CMS for 0.10.0 - Mahout - [issue]    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2015-04-13, 09:57
[MAHOUT-1655] Refactor module dependencies - Mahout - [issue]
...Make a new module, call it mahout-hadoop. Move anything there that is currently in mrlegacy but used in math-scala or spark. Remove dependencies on mrlegacy altogether if possible by using o...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2015-04-13, 09:57
[MAHOUT-1422] Make a version of RSJ that uses two inputs - Mahout - [issue]
...Currently the RowSimiairtyJob uses a similarity measure to pairwise compare all rows in a DistributedRowMatrix.For many applications including a cross-action recommender we need something li...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2015-04-13, 10:22
[MAHOUT-1541] Create CLI Driver for Spark Cooccurrence Analysis - Mahout - [issue]
...Create a CLI driver to import data in a flexible manner, create an IndexedDataset with BiMap ID translation dictionaries, call the Spark CooccurrenceAnalysis with the appropriate params, the...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2015-04-13, 09:56
[MAHOUT-1546] building spark context fails due to incorrect classpath query - Mahout - [issue]
...The classpath retrieval is using a "-spark" flag that returns nothing, using the default "mahout classpath" seems to get all needed jar paths so commenting out the "-spark" makes it work for...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2015-04-13, 10:21
[MAHOUT-1951] Drivers don't run with remote Spark - Mahout - [issue]
...Missing classes when running these jobs because the dependencies-reduced jar, passed to Spark for serialization purposes, does not contain all needed classes.Found by a user....    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2017-11-01, 01:31
[MAHOUT-1952] Allow pass-through of params for driver's CLI to spark-submit - Mahout - [issue]
...remove driver CLI args that are dups of what spark-submit can do and allow passthrough of arbitrary extra CLI to spar-submit using spark-submit parsing....    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2018-03-03, 21:25
[MAHOUT-1318] Make ToItemVectorsReducer public - Mahout - [issue]
...The cross-action and solr recommender need to pass in the class of ToItemVectorsReducer and so it needs to be a public class. I work around by changing it to public in a local build, which I...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2014-02-03, 07:57