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[MAHOUT-1020] The Cluster Evaluator is returning bad results - Mahout - [issue]
...Conversation with between Pat Ferrel and Jeff Eastman on the user listHi Pat,I don't have a good answer here. Evidently, something in CDbw has become broken and you are the first to notice. ...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2012-07-11, 20:18
[MAHOUT-1028] seq2sparse n-gram weighting creates malformed vectors which crashes kmeans - Mahout - [issue]
...I think I found the root but not sure what needs fixing.I took out n-gram generation and the vector now looks like this:Key:    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2012-06-16, 09:35
[MAHOUT-1045] Cluster evaluators returning bad results - Mahout - [issue]
...With real world crawl data the Intra-cluster density from ClusterEvaluator is almost always NaN. The CDbw inter-cluster density is almost always 0. I have also seen several cases where CDbw ...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2014-02-03, 08:05
[MAHOUT-1125] doesn't parseArguments before getOption so throws and exception always - Mahout - [issue]
...In it looks like getOption is being called before the parseArguments. When I do this Map<String,List<String>> parsedArgs = parseArguments(args);if (parsedArgs...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2014-02-03, 08:05
[MAHOUT-1126] Mac builds won't unjar - Mahout - [issue]
...On the Mac you have to remove the licenses in the mahout jar or hadoop can't unjar mahout. The Mac has a case insensitive file system and so can't tell the difference between LICENSE and lic...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2014-02-03, 08:06
[MAHOUT-2020] Maven repo structure malformed - Mahout - [issue]
...The maven repo is built with scala 2.10 always in the parent pom's {scala.compat.version} even when you only ask for Scala 2.11, this leads to the 2.11 jars never being found....    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2017-11-27, 17:42
[MAHOUT-2019] SparseRowMatrix assign ops user for loops instead of iterateNonZero and so can be optimized - Mahout - [issue]
...DRMs get blockified into SparseRowMatrix instances if the density is low. But SRM inherits the implementation of method like "assign" from AbstractMatrix, which uses nest for loops to traver...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2019-03-29, 17:43
[MAHOUT-2048] There are duplicate content pages which need redirects instead - Mahout - [issue]
...I have duplicated content in 3 places in the `website/` directory. We need to have one place for the real content and replace the dups with redirect to the actual content. This looks like is...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2019-03-06, 04:20
[MAHOUT-2023] Drivers broken, scopt classes not found - Mahout - [issue]
...Type `mahout spark-itemsimilarity` after Mahout is installed properly and you get a fatal exception due to missing scopt classes.Probably a build issue related to incorrect versions of scopt...    Author: Pat Ferrel , 2020-03-24, 21:16