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[MAHOUT-1771] Cluster dumper omits indices and 0 elements for dense vector or sparse containing 0s - Mahout - [issue]
...(EDIT: fixed incorrect analysis)Blast from the past – are patches still being accepted for "mrlegacy" code? Something turned up incidentally when working with a customer that looks lik...    Author: Sean Owen , 2015-11-07, 02:32
[MAHOUT-1610] Tests can be made more robust to pass in Java 8 - Mahout - [issue]
...Right now, several tests don't seem to pass when run with Java 8 (at least on Java 8). The failures are benign, and just due to tests looking for too-specific values or expecting things like...    Author: Sean Owen , 2015-04-13, 10:20
[MAHOUT-1396] Accidental use of commons-math won't work with next Hadoop 2 release - Mahout - [issue]
...The project uses commons-math3, since about a year ago. However there is a use of old commons-math (2.2) lurking:core/src/main/java/org/apache/mahout/classifier/sgd/ org.ap...    Author: Sean Owen , 2014-02-03, 07:57
[MAHOUT-1417] Random decision forest implementation fails in Hadoop 2 - Mahout - [issue]
...We've observed two errors in the RDF implementation, one of which stops it from working on Hadoop 2 (at least I think it is Hadoop 2 only), and one of which just makes the workload quite imb...    Author: Sean Owen , 2015-04-13, 10:19
[MAHOUT-1419] Random decision forest is excessively slow on numeric features - Mahout - [issue]
...Follow-up to MAHOUT-1417. There's a customer running this and observing it take an unreasonably long time on about 2GB of data – like, >24 hours when other RDF M/R implementations t...    Author: Sean Owen , 2015-04-13, 10:21
[MAHOUT-764] Rationalize DataModel.getNumUsersWithPreferenceFor() API - Mahout - [issue]
...DataModel has a method getNumUsersWithPreferenceFor(long... itemIDs). It does what it says. However I think this is a suboptimal API (for which we have me to blame). All calls to this involv...    Author: Sean Owen , 2012-02-09, 14:00
[MAHOUT-770] Add CassandraDataModel - Mahout - [issue]
...In the spirit of MongoDBDataModel I'd like to add a CassandraDataModel as a backing store for non-distributed recommenders. It takes a somewhat different approach, heavily reliant on in-memo...    Author: Sean Owen , 2012-09-11, 13:42
[MAHOUT-780] job jars fail on OS X due to case-insensitive name conflict on 'license' - Mahout - [issue]
...Dan explains it well below. The workaround is to make the 'license' folder into a 'licenses' folder, but, where does this come from? anyone know?With SVN 'At revision 1152597.', and freshly ...    Author: Sean Owen , 2012-02-09, 14:01
[MAHOUT-794] Eigencuts produces unexpected results, part 2 - Mahout - [issue]
...See MAHOUT-516, which was closed. Looks like Shannon believes there is a follow-on issue. I'm just opening a new issue to track this for 0.6.This is an issue in the workflow of the Eigencuts...    Author: Sean Owen , 2014-02-03, 08:05
[MAHOUT-661] Finish iterator overhaul by using Google Guava - Mahout - [issue]
...To complete this truly interesting overhaul of the use of Iterator – I rightly guessed that Guava already has some of these common classes and more. Indeed. I can see easily another 1,...    Author: Sean Owen , 2015-03-31, 22:49