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Contribution to manifoldcf - ManifoldCF - [mail # dev]
...​Hi,​I would like to spend some time creating (or updating) a Manifoldcfconnector.Piergiorgio suggested me to look at the new Azure output connectoror, in alternative, I could create an open...
   Author: David Ciamberlano , 2018-04-11, 15:42
[expand - 1 more] - Proposal for a brand new ManifoldCF website - ManifoldCF - [mail # dev]
...+1 to JekyllI would also take a look at "hugo"... very similar but easier to installand configure (in my opinion).I see only a major drawback in using a static site generator: they haven'tan...
   Author: David Ciamberlano , 2017-12-06, 21:51
[CONNECTORS-1463] wrongly closed html tag - ManifoldCF - [issue]
...In file "editSpecification_Expressions.html", line 83<select name="s${SEQNUM}_expression_remove" size="2"/>sould be<select name="s${SEQNUM}_expression_remove" size="2" >...    Author: David Ciamberlano , 2017-09-29, 22:37
Prevent the import of the contents of files in the elasticsearch connector - ManifoldCF - [mail # dev]
...Hi,I would like to use Manifold to collect infos about the content of a hugefilesystem.One option could be to use the filesystem connector in input and theelasticsearch connector in output.U...
   Author: David Ciamberlano , 2017-09-29, 08:33