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[MESOS-8987] Master asks agent to shutdown upon auth errors. - Mesos - [issue]
...The Mesos master sends a ShutdownMessage to an agent if there is an authentication or an authorization error during agent registration. Upon receipt of this message, the agent kills alls its...    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-19, 23:46
[MESOS-9330] Default executor can skip status updates - Mesos - [issue]
...The default executor only retries unacknowledged status updates upon re-registration. However an ERROR event doesn't trigger a re-registration, so it is possible for it to skip status update...    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-17, 20:12
[MESOS-8529] Default Executor improvements - Mesos - [issue]    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-17, 20:12
[MESOS-9318] Consider providing better operation status updates while an RP is recovering - Mesos - [issue]
...Consider the following scenario:1. A framework accepts an offer with an operation affecting SLRP resources.2. The master forwards it to the corresponding agent.3. The agent forwards it to th...    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-15, 20:40
[MESOS-8054] Feedback for operations - Mesos - [issue]
...Only LAUNCH operations provide feedback on success or failure. All Operations should do so. RESERVE, UNRESERVE, CREATE, DESTROY, CREATE_VOLUME, AND DESTROY_VOLUME should all provide feedback...    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-15, 20:38
[MESOS-9278] Add an operation status update manager to the agent - Mesos - [issue]    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-15, 15:30
[MESOS-9258] Consider making Mesos subscribers send heartbeats - Mesos - [issue]
...Some reverse proxies (e.g., ELB using an HTTP listener) won't close the upstream connection to Mesos when they detect that their client is disconnected.This can make Mesos leak subscribers, ...    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-15, 15:30
[MESOS-6786] TASK_KILLED updates do not provide a reason why the task has been killed. - Mesos - [issue]
...At least the following reasons can lead to a task being killed: The executor decided to kill it, e.g., if it was unhealthy. The framework requested the kill. An operator requested the kill.T...    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-10, 20:58
[MESOS-8531] Some task status updates sent by the default executor don't contain a REASON. - Mesos - [issue]
...The default executor doesn't set a reason when sending TASK_KILLING, TASK_KILLED, and TASK_FAILED task status update....    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-07, 14:22
[MESOS-8666] Windows agent fails KILL_NESTED_CONTAINER but kills container anyway - Mesos - [issue]
...While working on, I observed that on Windows the KILL_NESTED_CONTAINER call to kill a sleep task will fail, and the agent/default executor will log the fa...    Author: Gastón Kleiman , 2018-10-02, 21:42