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[METAMODEL-1184] Neo4j: column types - MetaModel - [issue]
...Neo4j implementation/module lacks the support for column types. All columns/values are treated as strings. AFAIK Neo4j does not provide such information itself so it needs to be done "manual...    Author: Jakub Horcicka , 2018-06-21, 06:16
[METAMODEL-1109] FixedWidthReader does not work well with diacritics - MetaModel - [issue]
...Refactoring of FixedWidthReader in PR introduced a bug related to charset (which is not used). So, input containing diacritic characters is not r...    Author: Jakub Horcicka , 2016-08-11, 03:46
[METAMODEL-1111] Empty string treatment in Oracle - MetaModel - [issue]
...See Oracle empty string is considered as null. That's why some SQL constructs do not work as expected after MM SQL optimization is ma...    Author: Jakub Horcicka , 2016-08-09, 15:39
[METAMODEL-250] EBCDIC fixed width files support - MetaModel - [issue]
...Support for input data fixed-width files in EBCDIC encoding is required. The goal is the simplest solution that can handle attached file. No additional layout/format file is required. New li...    Author: Jakub Horcicka , 2016-08-02, 04:22