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[METRON-1761] Allow a grok statement to be applied to each line in a file. - Metron - [issue]
...Make grok work where each line in incoming logs is a separate unit to be parsed.This would for instance allow NiFi to pick up log files (whereby each line is to be parsed separately) and sen...    Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-09-06, 17:28
[METRON-1606] Add a 'wrap' to incoming messages in the metron json parser - Metron - [issue]
...For many use cases, the user may not have control over the format of the json that is coming in.  Some services send 'documents' with many atomic json entries, that are not in a coherent arr...    Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-09-05, 15:16
[DISCUSS] Field conversions - Metron - [mail # dev]
...ES 2.x support officially ended 4 months ago (, so why still support ':' at all? :) Additionally, 2.x isn't even supported at all on the last 2 Ubuntu LTS ...
   Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-06-04, 21:30
[METRON-1410] Some more upgrade fallout... Can't restart Metron Indexing. - Metron - [issue]
...After upgrading from 0.4.1 to 0.4.2, I can't seem to start or restart Metron Indexing. I get the following errors: stderr:   /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/errors-2468.txt Traceback (m...    Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-05-22, 19:34
[METRON-1517] GeoLite discontinuation notice - Metron - [issue]
...I believe the geolite db used by Metron will be discontinued:    Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-04-13, 11:06
Windows full-dev - Metron - [mail # dev]
...Hey list,Has anyone gotten full-dev automatically set up on Windows by any chance or are we all using Linux & macOS?...
   Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-02-27, 23:51
Best Metron version for development - Metron - [mail # user]
...I'm not sure I understand the question completely, but my guess would bethe latest release, i.e. 0.4.2? On 2018-02-15 10:19, Helder Reia wrote:> Hi, I am trying to build a intrusion detec...
   Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-02-15, 18:53
[expand - 1 more] - elasticsearch template question. - Metron - [mail # user]
...Hi Simon,No particular usecase, I just noticed that this field was indexed differently in elasticsearch between indices and I'm trying to 'rectify' it... My current 'solution' is to ignore t...
   Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-02-07, 16:56
[DISCUSS] Using JSON Path to support more complex documents with the JSONMap Parser - Metron - [mail # dev]
...On 2018-01-25 07:57, Otto Fowler wrote:> While it would be preferred if all data streamed into the parsers is> already in ‘stream’ form, as opposed to ‘batched’ form, it may not > a...
   Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-01-26, 16:52
[METRON-1415] match statement does not seem to work. - Metron - [issue]
...I had the following code in my Sensor Enrichment Config:{    "enrichment": {        "fieldMap": {            "stellar": {                "config": {                    "AWSEventSourceAccount...    Author: Laurens Vets , 2018-01-22, 22:58